When it comes to new and innovative solutions, Trivantage® stands ready to help you bring any project to life, from start to finish. That commitment includes the threads required for the toughest of sewing projects, which is why we are excited to offer three new spool sizes for GORE TENARA thread.


Made from an exclusive industry-leading ePTFE fiber, GORE® TENARA® thread is now available in:

  • 300-meter spools – Reduced investment for more colors
  • 1/2-pound spools – Best standard-sized option
  • 1-lb. spools – Allows longer runs without having to change spools


TENARA thread comes in three styles for increased color choices and performance features. The original TENARA is for general outdoor sewing applications; TR Style is lubricated for high-speed sewing; and HTR Style is a 3-ply heavy-duty option for your toughest sewing projects. All threads come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Count on TENARA thread to improve sewability. The robust, elongated thread also allows for faster sewing. Included in the color options is the highly popular clear thread that disappears into most fabrics for ease of matching. The industrial, UV-resistant thread stays strong through severe weather and abrasion, and it will not fade or bleed into the into the fabric.


For more details on our full offering of GORE TENARA thread, visit our GORE Brand Page. You can also contact your local sales representative, e-mail us at customerservice@trivantage.com, or call 1-800-786-1876.


Whether you’re fabricating an awning or boat cover or reupholstering outdoor furniture, Trivantage® proudly offers a large variety of supplier-certified fabrics and threads that are Made in the USA.

For American-made brands to help complete the job, consider:

  • Hydrofend® Marine Fabrics – Engineered for superior hydros and breathability, Hydrofend fabric gives you up to six times better water resistance than uncoated fabrics.
  • Sunbrella® Fabrics – A mainstay in markets from awning and shade sails to marine and upholstery, industry-leading Sunbrella fabrics are colorfast, breathable, functional, and stylish. (Certain Sunbrella fabrics are made using imported fibers. For more information, please contact your sales representative).
  • PremoBond Threads and Bobbins – Explore thread and pre-wound bobbins equipped with twisted and plied yarn, all Made in the USA.
  • Patio 500® Awning Fabrics – Patio 500 fabric from Herculite® is a great choice for both commercial and residential applications such as awnings and canopies.
  • GORE® TENARA® Thread – Available in three styles for multiple color choices and performance features, GORE TENARA thread is American made from an exclusive ePTFE fiber. (See below for more details on new spool sizes and color choices).
  • Weather-Chek® Awning Fabrics – The latest from Herculite, Weather-Chek offers a range of features that improves every stage of the awning-making process.
  • Weblon® Coastline Plus® Awning Fabrics – This high-quality awning fabric from Herculite is flame retardant as well as UV, water, and mildew resistant.
  • Phifertex® Outdoor Fabrics – Available in 150 colors and styles, Phifertex fabrics are infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection to keep fabrics clean and inhibit growth of mold and mildew.
  • Weblon® Regatta® Yacht Fabric – Weblon Regatta marine fabric from Herculite is a durable, waterproof vinyl. Resistant to wear, tear, and mildew, it provides excellent protection from the elements for bimini tops, dodgers, enclosures, protective covers, and more.


For more information on these and other offerings, please contact your local sales representative, e-mail us at customerservice@trivantage.com, or call 1-800-786-1876.


As part of a renewed commitment to our customers, Trivantage has launched Customer Care Teams to provide you with best-in-class service in the industries we serve. The goal of a team approach to customer service is to provide a personalized experience that builds relationships and demonstrates our commitment to your business, and we approach this commitment with an eye on your long-term needs.

Each Trivantage customer is now serviced by a two-person team of sales representatives and a dedicated group of customer service associates to provide a custom-made approach in each local market. Our teams meet regularly and tailor strategies in their regions aimed at enhancing their experience with Trivantage with an emphasis on creating a better customer experience for you and your team.

We hope you will agree that Trivantage approaches customer care with a “shop local” mindset and that you can count on us through every step of the ordering process. Meet your team.


Happy New Year from your extended family at Trivantage. Without a doubt, 2020 was a year unlike any other in recent memory, so here’s hoping that 2021 offers new opportunities, new partnerships, and new ways to meet your customers’ needs and expand your business. At Trivantage, we stand ready to assist you every step of the way, which is why we develop each month’s Market Corner with you in mind.

We hope you are enjoying the newsletter with information on new products, sales tips, customer testimonials, and other content outlining the tools you need to move your business forward. This month, we feature the launch of our Customer Care Teams, exciting news on flame retardant GALE Pacific HDPE fabric lines, and a customer testimonial that has us longing for warmer weather. We welcome your comments at any time on news you would like to see in Market Corner in 2021.

On behalf of the entire Trivantage team, we hope you and your families had a happy holiday season and that your business is off to a solid start. Thank you for your partnership, and we hope 2021 is a safe and prosperous year for everyone. As always, please contact your local sales representative if you have any questions related to Trivantage.

Steve Ellington




For shade structures that require an HDPE fabric to pass one or more flame retardant standards, we are excited to now offer the most complete flame retardant GALE Pacific HDPE fabric lines. Simply put, GALE Pacific has you covered.

Their line of Commercial fabrics is now available in FR options to allow color-matching, safety, and performance in one complete collection. All three heat-set fabric lines meet California State Fire Marshall Title 19, NFPA 701 (Test Methods 1 & 2), and ASTM E84 19B, Class A.

  • Commercial NinetyFive 340 FR – One of the most trusted shade fabrics in the industry, this breathable fabric offers over 90% UV blocking ability.
  • Commercial Heavy 430 FR – Best for larger structures, this fabric is designed with excellent dimensional strength and load-bearing performance while meeting the most stringent FR specifications.
  • Commercial DualShade 350 FR – With superior biaxial stability (to reduce re-tensioning frequency) and a unique dual-color look, this fabric looks beautiful with the performance to back it up.


For more information, please contact your local sales representative, e-mail us at customerservice@trivantage.com, or call 1-800-786-1876.

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