Trivantage is working diligently within the healthcare community to supplement demand for raw materials that might be used for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort includes sourcing materials to produce face shields and gowns, as well as testing other Glen Raven and Trivantage products for gown applications. Many of our customers also are making fabric face mask covers using a range of fabrics, and Trivantage offers a variety of fabrics and accessory items for these critical applications.

With a global pandemic continuing to grip the U.S, Trivantage has launched The Need for PPE, a dedicated page detailing the materials and patterns used to make PPE. The site is an excellent example of how Trivantage is working closely with its customers to supplement the demand for raw materials that might be used for PPE during the pandemic, and it also serves as a central location that customers and the industry at large can turn to for the latest news and information on how to support healthcare providers during this time of need.

Today, as the U.S. is beginning the process of reopening, we are hearing conversations about the need for different types of PPE. Trivantage is poised to support these efforts as the country moves into an environment where restrictions are lifted and has launched New Day, New Solutions, a dedicated page detailing the demand for commercial/retail PPE and traditional shade, marine, furniture, and industrial fabrication opportunities. Examples of PPE products include clear partitions used in restaurants, retail spaces, gyms, commercial offices, barber shops/hair salons, hotels, and other areas where people may be in close proximity.

Much like how new PPE inputs quickly developed as the pandemic unfolded, Trivantage stands ready to assist restaurants and other businesses needing shade for outdoor spaces. We also are seeing increased activity in marine and outdoor furniture, driven by increased demand from those consumers.

For more information on creative solutions for PPE, contact your local sales representative, visit, or call us at 1-800-786-1876.

At Trivantage, the art of listening comes standard. That’s why our ears are open whenever we work closely with our customers to identify unmet needs and provide solutions they can pass along to their customers. Case in point: Tele-Sun Boat Shade Poles.

When we learned one of our customers needed an adjustable shade solution for their boating customer, our team went to work. The result is a product that enables you to create custom marine shade with premium boat shade poles and your choice of shade sail fabric to help your customers escape from the sun while on the water. Tele-Sun Boat Shade Poles are adjustable, removable boat shade products that allow your customers to avoid harsh UV rays. Made to last through demanding marine conditions, the boat shade poles are durable and UV resistant.

Lightweight and storable, they easily install to the front or rear of the boat. To install, simply place the poles in the boat’s rod holders, secure your chosen shade sail fabric to the boat top, attach the fabric connector to the poles, and extend the poles into position. Features include easy-use cam cleats, a mesh storage bag, and multi-direction shade for protection at any time of the day.

Additional benefits include:

  • Material – Lightweight carbon fiber with Awlgrip UV protection
  • Specs – 52” to 80”
  • Features – Install to deck-mounted rod holders with ¼” pin; easily stows away; includes mesh storage bag; 10° Flush Mount Rod Holder sold separately; one-year limited warranty

For more information on Tele-Sun Boat Shade Poles, contact your local sales representative, visit, or call us at 1-800-786-1876.

Boat Covers Unlimited is a longtime Trivantage customer and producer of custom boat covers and other marine solutions in Mooresville, North Carolina. They recently shared details with us on why they chose Causeway™ for a marine project. The project was so successful, in fact, the company predicts it will be the first of many applications.

“The first thing I noticed about Causeway was its extensive color selections, including a great embossed pattern,” said Richard Miller, upholstery coordinator for Boat Covers Unlimited. “These features, along with the fabric’s performance characteristics, make it the perfect vinyl fabric for our upper-end marine applications.”

Company owner Carolyn Miller agreed, adding that one of the chief attributes of Causeway is its stretchability. “Causeway is easy to sew and has a perfect stretch ratio, which is critical to ensuring a proper fit for marine applications,” she said. “It also is a durable product that helps Boat Covers Unlimited live up to its calling card, ‘We’ll keep you covered.’”

Tell us your story! Contact your local sales representative with your thoughts on working with Trivantage. We look forward to sharing your insights.

A first in the marine industry, Sunbrella SUNZIP Zippers are made with Sunbrella Acrylic tape. Shut out bad weather for an easy-use, watertight closure that is becoming a standard request for marine applications. A combination of Sunbrella performance and UV-resistant resin teeth mean the zippers are colorfast against the sun. They protect against UV rays, water, mold, mildew, and stains.

Sunbrella SUNZIP is a #10 separating zipper with an automatic-lock, double-pull, metal slider. The unique design is primarily used for boat windows, boat enclosures, and similar marine applications. The zippers are available in black or white, matching Sunbrella fabrics of the same color, and in multiple lengths.

In addition to Sunbrella Zippers, Trivantage offers an extensive supply of marine zippers in high-grade plastic and metal. The zippers are lightweight yet heavy duty for easy sewing and endurance. These properties make the zippers optimal for marine and awning applications. Because the zippers are corrosion-resistant and self-lubricating, they operate smoothly in harsh weather conditions.

The Trivantage® Marine Upholstery Collection is specially selected to provide the best selection of fabric options for any project.

From new fabrics to trusted brands, these products were specifically chosen because they meet or exceed industry performance standards, including durability, colorfastness, cleanability, and comfort. Whether the fabric is being used for helm seats, sofa cushions, or chairs, the collection’s fabric options are available in an extensive range of prices, colors, patterns, and textures to satisfy any customer need.

The effects of the sun, sea spray, and rain are no match for the Marine Upholstery Collection, meaning fabrics maintain their look and feel for years on the water.

Sunbrella® Horizon™ – Best-in-Class Marine Industry Game-Changer

New Sunbrella Horizon engineered synthetic leather (ESL) brings unparalleled style, comfort, and performance to the water. Crafted to meet the brand standards of artistry, craftsmanship, and performance, the product has a proprietary topcoat ensuring enhanced cleanability and extended life. It is also designed with four-way stretch, allowing for easy marine upholstering, as well as excellent stretch and recovery, providing long-term comfort and performance.

Causeway™ – Best Value Option

Exclusive to Trivantage, Causeway balances comfort and performance in marine upholstery. Featuring a polycarbonate-based top coating, Causeway (pictured) offers ease of cleanability and extended performance. It comes with a three-year warranty and is offered in 16 embossed colors.


Nassimi Seaquest – Time-Tested and Proven

A proven marine upholstery product with a leather-like appearance, Nassimi Seaquest is offered in 29 embossed colors. Seaquest is a durable, marine-grade upholstery fabric that protects against UV rays, water, mildew, stains, and abrasion.

Nautolex® Capitano™ – Best Quality Entry-Level Option

Nautolex Capitano has offered a balance of value and performance in the marine industry for years. The marine fabric is water-repellent and resists bacteria, mildew, and fading. Capitano is a durable marine upholstery fabric with a 100% polyester-filament backing. It comes in 28 colors, all featuring a lightly embossed pattern.

For more information on the Marine Upholstery Collection, contact your local sales representative, visit, or call us at 1-800-786-1876.

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