How easy is vinyl mending? With SKP® Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape, it’s as simple as cut, peel, and press.

Use SKP repair tape to patch holes or tears in vinyl, vinyl-coated, or vinyl-laminated fabrics. It’s ideal for repairing tarps, tents, the inside of refrigerated trucks, reinforcement patches, and more. The patch is a 14-ounce coated vinyl with an extremely adhesive backside. Since it’s a self-adhesive tape, there’s no need for messy liquid adhesives.

Once cut, peeled, and pressed, SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape does the rest. It adheres immediately and takes only 24 hours to fully cure. For optimal results, use SKP on both sides of the material. It comes in full rolls at 6” wide and 5’ and 75’ long, and you can choose from five color options – gray, green, blue, white, and black.

SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape is an essential supply for any fabricator working with vinyl or vinyl-coated fabrics. It’s designed for easy handling, cutting, and shaping to your specification.

Don’t let rips ruin your day – or your project. Shop SKP tape now and get super quick at fixing rips. And as your one-stop shop, be sure to check out our entire selection of cleaners, protectants, and adhesives for additional repair and defense products.


If you have any questions, please call your local sales representative, visit, or contact us at 800-786-1876.


When Debbie Gentry started in the yachting industry in St. Augustine, Florida, 34 years ago, she discovered an untapped market for high-quality cushions. That’s when she connected with Trivantage, a long-time supplier of Sunbrella® fabrics.

Noting that many yacht and patio furniture cushions did not have zippers, she began to suggest Sunbrella, a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean fabric with a five-year limited warranty. Her customers were immediately sold and soon after, she was providing pool cushions for the local Hampton Inn and Marriott Courtyard with Sunbrella fabrics. When asked how she approached the initial sale of upgrading to Sunbrella, she expressed that the fabrics sold themselves.

“Property owners need cushions they can unzip, pull the foam out, and clean,” she said. “That’s the wonderful thing about Sunbrella — it’s easy to maintain; there’s practically no maintenance.”

During her tenure in the textile industry, “Ms. Debbie,” as she is known in the industry, has grown and adapted to different markets. She’s also developed a long-term relationship with Trivantage. In 2001, she established TNT Marine Canvas & Upholstery in Kemah, Texas, specializing in yacht interiors and exteriors. Today, she is joined by her son, Troy Paylow, who is an owner of the family-owned business, and the duo designs and markets interior boat restoration from sailboats to powerboats.

Customers love the Sunbrella Dupione collection, she said, because the fabric is long-lasting, and yacht owners gravitate toward earth-tone shades. Paylow noted that TNT Marine Canvas recently completed a high-profile project for a South African Catamaran.

“We furnished the yacht interior and cockpit with Sunbrella Pure Upholstery from Trivantage in Cast Moss green,” he said.

Whether working on a project for land or sea, the duo turns to Sunbrella – and Trivantage – for the best fabrics for the job.


Have you tapped into a new service solution from Trivantage for awning and shade fabricators? We are now offering access to professional engineers for awning or shade sail projects that require sealed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings or engineering letters of approval. The service is the newest offering available as part of Awning Composer®, an easy-to-use rendering software designed to move projects to production in half the time.

The new process assists engineers in all 50 U.S. states in providing the technical information needed for them to run load calculations on your projects. Participants can submit an engineering request with the details of the project, and Trivantage will provide a project quote for approval. Our base service includes:

  • Web-based form to create, view, and edit engineering requests on PCs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Intelligent script that asks questions tailored specifically to projects, with examples to help provide correct responses
  • Ability to attach renderings, frame drawings, and attachment details to each request
  • Sealing of customer provided CAD drawings
  • Online status to track the progress of requests

If you need professional drafting for the awning frame or shade sail with dimensions and attachment details, we will include it in your quote. Drafting is available as an ANSI D 8.5” x 11” or ANSI D 24” x 36” CAD drawing with multiple elevation views, dimensions, and attachment details. We also offer rending services, such as rendering of awning or shade sail superimposed on picture of building or site;


For details on these services, visit our dedicated page for a simple, three-step process to start an engineering request. An option to submit a test engineering request is also available to learn more about our streamlined process. You also can call us at 800-226-8275 or submit your question via our Contact Us page.

We are pleased to share that Trivantage® uses 100% renewable electricity for its facilities. This is a significant milestone for our company and it also supports our parent company’s global sustainability initiative.

For Trivantage, this means we use renewable electricity for 100% of the power demand in all our facilities by matching this power with renewable energy certificates from sources like hydroelectric, solar, and biomass. This achievement represents our ongoing commitment to being an industry leader in reducing environmental impact. We’re proud to be powering our facilities from 100% renewable electricity, and we will continue to educate ourselves and empower others within our industry for a lasting future.

When Glen Raven launched its Corporate Sustainability Report in 2021 it detailed a global commitment to holding itself to high standards of social and environmental consciousness. As Glen Raven’s distribution subsidiary, Trivantage is proud to work alongside our colleagues in this effort.

We look forward to sharing our company’s sustainability journey and welcome your comments at any time. For more information, please contact your sales representative or call us at 800-786-1876.

When it comes to providing a cool, comfortable on-board boating experience, Trivantage has you covered. With an easy-on-and-off application, a Marine Shade Fly offers convenient shade when customers need it most.

When the heat is on, you can create easy shade with our Marine Shade Fly premium boat shade poles, customizable fabrics, and hardware. With a hand-selected offering of shade fly supplies, Trivantage makes it easy to purchase everything you need to meet your customers’ needs, including pick-and-choose adjustable pole sets, fabric, and hardware.

Cool shade is only seconds away with a Marine Shade Fly, which offers the ultimate UV protection and comfort when out on the water. Durable and made to last in the most demanding marine conditions, the removable boat shade poles and fabrics are lightweight and install quickly and easily in either the bow or stern of the boat.

At Trivantage, we offer four categories of premium performance lightweight pole sets, and each set comes with two poles. Easy to install – and easy to remove and stow – these poles attach seamlessly to shade fabric connectors for extra protection from the sun. Built to last for many seasons, they are rapidly growing in the shade market for boats of every size and resist fading, scratching, corrosion, mildew, and dirt from all the elements.

Of course, you will want to pair Marine Shade Fly products with worry-free performance fabrics. Trivantage has hand-selected the most popular shade fabrics to pair beautifully with any of the shade pole sets. Over 100 industry-leading fabrics are readily available from multiple collections, including:

To purchase or learn more about Marine Shade Fly, contact your local sales representative, visit, or contact us at 800-786-1876.

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