As we have seen in recent months, our industries are operating in an extremely volatile environment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend our economy and reorient consumer demand. At Trivantage, we continue to have conversations with industry leaders on the demand for commercial and retail and healthcare PPE, as well as the anticipated direction of our industries in the months ahead.

As vice president of sales for Trivantage, Bret Kelley is uniquely suited to lend his voice to this matter, including the effort to produce PPE across multiple industries. In a recent interview, he discussed the industry collaboration that continues to strengthen PPE efforts, both traditional inputs and those for commercial and retail, as well as how Trivantage is working closely with its customers in commercial and healthcare industries to help them navigate the challenges wrought by the pandemic.

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Monte Roller is the first to admit he is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his marine projects.

“It’s got to be just right,” said the owner and operator of Custom Canvas, a family-owned canvas shop specializing in high-end marine covers and enclosures in Bismarck, North Dakota. “I agonize over every detail of my projects, and that is especially the case when it comes to stitching.”

Roller, who founded Custom Canvas in 2000, produces bimini tops, boat covers, and pontoon covers. He recently specified Hydrofend® (a solution-dyed polyester designed to balance high water resistance with breathability) for a pontoon boat cover, and he predicts it will be the first of many applications.

“I hate strings — it’s as simple as that,” Roller said. “Hydrofend sews great and does not fray, which means no strings. It’s a solid look for pontoon covers.”

Available from Trivantage, Hydrofend fabrics are coated on the back of the product, which makes for superior water resistance and surface protection. The result is a fabric that lets little water in and water vapor out, while the coating ensures the fabric does not fray.

“Hydrofend’s biggest advantage is its sewability,” Roller said. “The fabric is lighter and stronger than what I’ve previously used for similar projects, and its stretchability and elasticity result in zero wrinkles.”

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Hydrofend®, a marine fabric known for providing the ultimate line of defense against the weather, is now available in Radiant Red, Amazon Green, and Olympic Blue — bringing the number of colors to 11 offered for this solution-dyed polyester.

Hydrofend is water repellent, breathable and resists fraying. It also is lightweight and comes in matching binding. Use Hydrofend for boat covers, bimini tops, boat enclosures, storage covers, and furniture covers. To ensure superior performance, this protective fabric was designed with a tear strength starting at almost 40 pounds warp and fill.

Available exclusively through Trivantage, Hydrofend is available in cut yardage and protected under a 5-year non-prorated warranty, while Radiant Red and Deep Maroon each come with 3-year warranties. We stand by Hydrofend’s long service life and lasting color retention under any climate or season – all from a trusted resource.

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The Trivantage Marine Upholstery Collection is a specially selected line of products designed to provide the best fabric options for any marine upholstery project. From new, top-of-the-line fabrics to trusted and proven brands, these products were specifically chosen because they are industry-leading products in their class.

Visit our Marine Upholstery Collection landing page for the latest on fabric offerings available in an extensive range of prices, colors, patterns, and textures to fit any needs and bring the task to completion. We think you will agree, whether the fabric is being used for helm seats, sofa cushions, or dining chairs, the Marine Upholstery Collection has you covered.

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Trivantage is working diligently within the healthcare community to supplement demand for raw materials that might be used for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort includes sourcing materials to produce face shields and gowns, as well as testing other Glen Raven and Trivantage products for gown applications. Many of our customers also are making fabric face mask covers using a range of fabrics, and Trivantage offers a variety of fabrics and accessory items for these critical applications.

With a global pandemic continuing to grip the U.S, Trivantage has launched The Need for PPE, a dedicated page detailing the materials and patterns used to make PPE. The site is an excellent example of how Trivantage is working closely with its customers to supplement the demand for raw materials that might be used for PPE during the pandemic, and it also serves as a central location that customers and the industry at large can turn to for the latest news and information on how to support healthcare providers during this time of need.

Today, as the U.S. is beginning the process of reopening, we are hearing conversations about the need for different types of PPE. Trivantage is poised to support these efforts as the country moves into an environment where restrictions are lifted and has launched New Day, New Solutions, a dedicated page detailing the demand for commercial/retail PPE and traditional shade, marine, furniture, and industrial fabrication opportunities. Examples of PPE products include clear partitions used in restaurants, retail spaces, gyms, commercial offices, barber shops/hair salons, hotels, and other areas where people may be in close proximity.

Much like how new PPE inputs quickly developed as the pandemic unfolded, Trivantage stands ready to assist restaurants and other businesses needing shade for outdoor spaces. We also are seeing increased activity in marine and outdoor furniture, driven by increased demand from those consumers.

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