Why choose fabric for shade? What is the role of a fabric liner system? For answers to these and similar questions, check out our latest product videos at our Video Library:

  • To find the right fabrics and hardware for any shade application, as well as maintenance education and product specs, check out our video “Why Choose Fabric for Shade?”
  • HarborTime® Edge is a marine fabric that supplies exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV performance. The result? Cooler surfaces and lower interior temperatures.
  • BellBloc® 68 is an advanced PET (polyester) fabric liner system. Our latest BellBloc video details how hydrophobic fabric protects the foam insert from exterior contaminants.
  • Aqualon® Edge/Aqualon Edge Soft is a hybrid marine fabric from Trivantage that features Perfecta Marine® This video details how the materials bring exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV capacity.

Please contact your local sales representative or call 1-800-786-1876 to learn more about these and any other Trivantage products for your next project.

Commercial DualShade 350 shade sail fabric brings a unique two-toned look and adds character to any shade sail, especially in a hypar twist, which highlights the different colors on either side. A patented knit pattern gives the shade sail fabric a shimmery, iridescent effect. Made from high-quality HDPE, it’s specially engineered to provide superior dimensional stability. This reduces re-tensioning frequency and maintenance costs for a longer fabric life and enhanced performance.

dualshade shade sail

Available through Trivantage®, DualShade 350 shade sail fabric is UV-stable and designed for effective sun protection. Use to create shade sails or other tension structures for hospitals, sports complexes, office buildings, schools, parks, patios, and more. The fabric is great for rectangle or triangle shade sail configurations. Improved tear and tensile strengths make the architectural shade fabric highly durable.

DualShade 350 knitted shade cloth is lightweight, flexible, and features a wide 118″ width to cover large areas. It comes in three collections – Brilliant, Terrafirma, and Destination – and 12 total color combinations.

Commercial DualShade 350 shade sail fabric meets strict eco-friendly standards. It’s also GREENGUARD® Gold certified, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Backed by a 10-year warranty against UV degradation, all styles are sold by the yard.

For hardware made for tension demands, shop shade sail hardware offerings at Trivantage. You can also reach out to your local sales representative, visit trivantage.com, or contact us at 1-800-786-1876.

We love hearing from our customers on the role Trivantage plays in the success of their business, including how they have come to rely on our sales and customer service representatives for solutions large and small.

KTM Custom Marine Canvas is a family-owned business dedicated to meeting its customers complete canvas needs. With 15 years’ experience in the industry, they use only the finest marine products and materials available and have come to rely on Trivantage for a range of business-building ideas. Owner Kevin Stancil recently took a moment to describe why his company considers Trivantage a partner.

“I can describe my partnership with Trivantage in two words: dialed in,” he said. “They not only spend time with us, they invest time in our business. A hallmark of this relationship is communications. No matter who I talk to at Trivantage, they are educated on every product we order. They are also willing to adapt their ordering process to our business needs, including scheduling ordering and shipping on certain days of the week. This solutions-oriented approach to improving efficiency helps us grow our business and cultivate new ideas, all while keeping Trivantage dialed in to our business objectives.”

We want to hear from you! To share your experience with working with Trivantage, contact your local sales representative.

The Sunbrella® Dimension Upholstery Collection creates a fresh environment by blending and reinventing familiar looks. Available from Trivantage, the upholstery fabric is made with Sunbrella acrylic and UV-stable pigments for colorfast performance.

Sunbrella Dimension is offered in nine unique patterns – Depth, Level, Layer, Scale, Expand, Range, Extent, Array, and Resonate – that are available in over 50 designs. Stylish and extremely soft, the patterns span from chunky weaves to bold geometrics to space-dyed effects to suit any layout. The colors were chosen to pair easily with other Sunbrella fabric collections.

This durable furniture fabric resists pilling and cleans easily. For added durability, some patterns meet ACT standards for use in high-traffic areas. Use the Sunbrella upholstery fabric for indoor and outdoor furniture, pillows, and cushions. Sunbrella Dimension is backed by a five-year warranty and sold in cut yardage.

For richer insights on Sunbrella, visit our Resource Center or ask your sales representative how the Sunbrella Dimension Upholstery Collection can change the way you create.

If you’re interested in custom branding opportunities then consider ShadeCast™, a highly versatile shade fabric available from Trivantage®. Engineered with a durable coating on both sides, the woven polyester shade fabric features exceptional digital printing capability for motorsport canopies, decorative indoor awnings, banners, and more.

“ShadeCast is designed to bring your brand to life in eye-catching ways,” said Brian Holian, Regional Sales Manager for Trivantage. “We look forward to seeing what our customers create with this fabric.”

Shade structure

Four simplistic tones — Black, Sandpiper Grey, Blue, and Bright White — act as a backdrop to showcase stand-out logos or graphics on its smooth surface. The water-repellent, UV- and fade-resistant, and mold- and mildew-resistant fabric ensures an easy-to-clean experience ideal for canopies and indoor awnings.

In addition, the eight-ounce fabric brings peace of mind by meeting strict fire-retardant standards – including CSFM Title 19, NFPA-701 and CPAI-84 – and carries a three-year limited warranty.

To explore the opportunities with ShadeCast, reach out to your local sales representative, visit trivantage.com, or contact us at 1-800-786-1876.

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