The Sunbrella® Mayfield Collection®, available exclusively from Trivantage®, is a premium selection of shade and marine fabrics created from 100% Sunbrella® Acrylic, making it perfect for every awning or shade application. The new collection delivers a premium aesthetic combined with the renowned durability and performance of Sunbrella fabrics, and design choices include boat covers and upholstery applications.

The Mayfield Collection’s jewel-toned solids add vibrant sophistication to any awning application, while its assortment of multicolor striped styles gives projects a timeless feel. Emblem, a brand-new pattern, features a modern take on the classic stripe with textural pinstripes and comes in three colorways. The collection also is heat-sealable with seam seal tape, mildew resistant, and water repellent Trivantage woven awning braids, also made from 100% Sunbrella Acrylic, will help you complete any project.

For more information on the collection, including suggestions on how to incorporate the fabrics as part of your next project, contact your local sales representative or call us at 1-800-786-1876.

Mill Outlet Village takes great pride in offering customers the best selection of fine quality fabrics and supplies for all their creative needs. So, where does Mill Outlet turn for creative inspiration?

“I count on Trivantage for business-building ideas that keep me and my business looking forward,” said Mike Bazemore, co-owner of the oldest and best-known fabrics retailer in Raleigh, North Carolina. “A great example of our partnership is how closely Trivantage works with me on communicating the Sunbrella brand promise to my customers.

“Today’s consumers are more aware of Sunbrella than ever before and by working alongside Trivantage, I can be assured that I am on top of the brand’s latest design trends,” he added. “This approach benefits my business and my customer’s business, and it also strengthens my partnership with Trivantage.”

Tell us your story! Contact your local sales representative with your thoughts on working with Trivantage. We look forward to sharing your insights.

Boat Covers Unlimited has been a fixture on Lake Norman in Mooresville, North Carolina, for nearly 30 years. A family business, the company produces custom boat covers, mooring covers, golf cart enclosures, boat and house enclosures, and Bimini tops. Boat Covers Unlimited exclusively uses Sunbrella® marine fabrics provided by Trivantage®, and business partner Richard Miller recently told us why.

“The harshest of marine environments – sun, water, wind – are no match for Sunbrella marine fabrics,” he said. “The fabrics breathe, which releases heat and moisture, and protect boaters from the elements, which can extend the boating season. Our customers are interested in the freshest looks of the season, which is why we trust Trivantage to help us navigate evolving customer tastes in terms of colors, styles, and pattern. They counsel us regularly and are always suggesting new tools and approaches to build our business.”

Tell us your story! To share your experience in working with Trivantage, please contact your local sales representative.

Don’t miss the Trivantage® booth at IFAI Expo 2019 in Orlando, where we will unveil new Trivantage-exclusive collections and highlight several new shade and marine fabrics.

Our booth, No. 1347, features an open concept that invites attendees and guests to mingle with our experts and start a conversation. It’s a space where you can learn about our newest innovative products, and how we can help you save time by making it easy to get the products and hardware you need, when you need them.

At Trivantage, we’re committed to making things more convenient by taking the hassle out of your job, and our booth reflects that mission.

See you in Orlando on Oct. 1-4!

Why choose fabric for shade? What is the role of a fabric liner system? For answers to these and similar questions, check out our latest product videos at our Video Library:

  • To find the right fabrics and hardware for any shade application, as well as maintenance education and product specs, check out our video “Why Choose Fabric for Shade?”
  • HarborTime® Edge is a marine fabric that supplies exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV performance. The result? Cooler surfaces and lower interior temperatures.
  • BellBloc® 68 is an advanced PET (polyester) fabric liner system. Our latest BellBloc video details how hydrophobic fabric protects the foam insert from exterior contaminants.
  • Aqualon® Edge/Aqualon Edge Soft is a hybrid marine fabric from Trivantage that features Perfecta Marine® This video details how the materials bring exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV capacity.

Please contact your local sales representative or call 1-800-786-1876 to learn more about these and any other Trivantage products for your next project.

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