Trivantage® is constantly working to improve its technology to save time through easy product visualization, instant project estimation, and seamless ordering. Its Awning Composer® software allows users to create 3-D awning models on a home or building before installation. Simply choose a photo, select an awning style, set the dimensions, and choose the awning fabric and valance style. Graphics and text can also be applied to specific awning sections for a detailed view.

Because awnings are constructed to shield areas from the sun, Awning Composer lets users see how shadows will fall once the awning is in place. Users can input the city and state, along with the direction the building is facing, to watch how the awning’s shade changes from sunrise to sunset.

Awning Composer also features an estimation tool that helps calculate the amount of materials needed, labor time, cost of production, and retail price to complete the project. Working directly with the live rendering, estimation results are immediately available as you build and customize awnings in the 3-D view.

As a Trivantage customer, you can save even more time when ordering the materials you need. The new “Bill of Materials” tab creates a list of everything you need for your project. Use the “Add to Cart” button and any selected materials will be instantly added to your shopping cart.

For more information on Awning Composer, please visit, or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Sample cards are now available for Patio 500 (No. 998834) and Vanguard (No. 998822). For more information, contact your Trivantage® customer service representative and reference the corresponding sample numbers.

Watch Regional Sales Manager Brian Holian demonstrate the use of mooring poles and vents.

Mooring poles are designed to pitch boat fabrics, helping to prevent the accumulation of snow and water. There are several options, including the snap tip, open tip, and swedge tip. Trivantage® also offers an open tip for use with a Boat Vent II, Boat Vent III, or Vent-Sol-Air. Easily adjust the pole’s length anywhere between 48 and 96 inches then lock it in place using a Cam Lock or thumbscrew.

There are two nonslip bases and many venting options to allow airflow under the cover and to prevent buildup of mold and mildew. Top-selling vents include the Boat Vent II, the Boat Vent AERO, and the solar-powered Vent-Sol-Air.

For more information on mooring poles and vents, please visit, or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Trivantage carries an extensive selection of beautiful upholstery fabrics, cover fabrics and more from top brands like Sunbrella®, Phifertex®, Nassimi, and Triton®, available by the yard. But that’s not all – grab all the supplies you need, including trusted tools, unique embellishments, cleaners, adhesives, and protectants, all in one place.

With the right supplies, you’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Browse tools like hammers, hole cutters, staple removers, zipper jigs, grommets, and scissors as well as finishing supplies like thread, webbing, tape, and rope, so you can stock up before your next project.

Add the finishing touch to upholstery with hand-picked trim, cord, and braid. With products like Sunbrella® Fringe, Twist, and Welt Cord, you’ll find the perfect details to complement your customer’s style.

Maintaining upholstery is key to prolonging the life of the fabric. Trivantage stocks the most reliable cleaners, protectants, and adhesives.

To find all the supplies you need for your next upholstery project, please visit, or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

HarborTime® Edge is a heavy-duty boat fabric featuring Perfecta Marine® technology for superior heat reduction and reflection. Made from acrylic-coated polyester with exceptional abrasion resistance, this marine fabric is well suited for harsh weather conditions. HarborTime Edge is tested for minimal shrinkage and stretch while remaining highly mildew, UV, and water repellent. This product can be used for splash curtains, T-tops, bimini covers, upholstery, mooring, travel covers, and more.

For more information on HarborTime Edge, please visit, or contact your Trivantage® customer service representative.

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