Trivantage® recently launched a brand new, exclusive fabric product line. Aqualon Edge Soft, a marine fabric that combines the performance of Aqualon Edge with the protection of a soft warp-knit backing. The fabric provides worry-free cover for all types of boats, patio furniture, grills, RV windshields, airplanes and other applications.

Aqualon Edge Soft is a hybrid performance fabric featuring Perfecta Marine® technology on its front fabric. The coating creates superior heat reduction, excellent heat reflection and exceptional UV performance. Its warp-knit polyester backing provides an abrasion-resistant surface that’s safe to use against sensitive gelcoats, critical painted surfaces and delicate objects.

Coverlight is a general-purpose fabric great for demanding conditions that comes in Coverlight Neoprene and Coverlight CSM. Neoprene uses a special coating to resist abrasion and heat damage. Its strong, medium-weight material is a popular choice for truck tarps, machine covers and aircraft wing covers due to its water-resistant and mildew-repellent qualities.

Coverlight CSM nylon fabric offers the versatile benefits of Neoprene in addition to enhanced abrasion resistance. The CSM coating defends against weather, sunlight, heat, chemicals and high temperatures. The water-repellent fabric is perfect for lifeboat covers, steam fumigation covers and truck tarps. It can be cemented to concrete to create a tight seat.

For more information on Aqualon Edge Soft and Coverlight, please visit or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Trivantage is your one-stop shop for all of your zipper-related tools. To complete your awning, marine or upholstery project, browse a wide selection of heavy-duty zippers that won’t snag or stick. Choose from YKK® zipper products including VISLON® and ZIPLON® sliders. Each product comes with unique features for smooth operation and resilience. Browse a variety of materials, colors and different pull options to find one that’s perfect for your application.

For more information or to order zippers, please visit the product page or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Made from durable vinyl-coated polyester, Phifertex upholstery fabrics are perfect for patio furniture and office furniture. Other uses include umbrellas, pergola canopies, roller shades, safety vests and heat-filtering awnings. The fabrics are infused with Microban® microbial protection, which inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Enjoy cleaner fabric for longer and easily pair it with existing color schemes and home décor for a finished look that lasts. Customers can choose from nearly 200 colors and styles for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Made in the USA, Phifertex can be easily maintained and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

For more information on Phifertex, please visit the product page or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Make your next awning and canopy project a cinch with the innovative Steel Stitch System. This mill-finish frame system utilizes the staple-in method of attaching fabric, which is taken directly from the roll and stapled into a channel in the frame. Then, the PVC finishing trim — available in FIRESIST® ZipStrips® and Sunbrella® fabric — is driven into the channel to cover the staples. Divider strips are used to join sections while FlashStrip® is wielded into the back bar to create a watertight seal against building surfaces. The result is an attractive, seamless and wrinkle-free awning, canopy or sign.

For more information on the Steel Stitch System and its fabric options and custom-order colors, please visit or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.


Add a pop of color with new SolaMesh colors — lime green, grape and bright orange. Created with customers in mind, these vibrant colors instantly brighten the outdoors and complement existing shade structures. SolaMesh features highly stable and colorfast HPDE monofilament and tape for a versatile, worry-free product that’s made to last.

For more information on the new available colors, please visit the SolaMesh product page or contact your Trivantage® customer service representative.

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