With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to think about performance outdoor fabrics that protect from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Trivantage® offers Triton Cover Fabric, made from 100 percent polyester-woven fabric with a vinyl-coated topside. The fabric is colorfast, water-repellent and resistant to mildew, petroleum products and a wide range of acid and alkaline liquids. Triton can be used as a boat cover or outdoor furniture cover fabric.


For more information on Triton Marine Cover Fabric, please visit trivantage.com, or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Solair retractable awnings provide a sleek, customizable shade option for customers to enjoy their patios and decks during warm-weather months. Not only do these awnings look great, but they also block the sun while still offering a view of the outdoors with the push of a button.

Solair awnings are made using durable, high-quality Sunbrella® fabric. Customers can choose from hundreds of beautiful designs, bold patterns and on-trend colors for the perfect awning fabric. To see what Solair installations will look like on their home, customers can utilize the Awning Visualizer on solair.com.

For more information on Solair retractable awnings, please visit solair.com, or contact your Trivantage® customer service representative.

Watch Trivantage account representative Keith Purves demonstrate the use of tracks and keder rails. These pieces of hardware are designed for installing canvas to boats for a watertight fit. They come in several designs, including different bottom features to fit onto different boat profiles.

For more information on tracks and keder rails, please visit the category page or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Grommets are a vital piece of fastener hardware used to fortify holes in a variety of fabrics. Perfect for a host of projects from custom awning to marine, banners, curtains or upholstery, and many industrial applications, these durable grommets can withstand any type of climate.

Trivantage® carries a selection of trusted brands made in the U.S., including Scovill DOT® brand grommets and washers, to fit a variety of project applications. Made for maximum strength, resistance and protection, these quality-made grommets come in a heavy gauge and are offered in brass, nickel-plated brass, stainless steel and aluminum metal.

For more information on different grommet options, please visit the category page or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.

Phifer SunTex keeps living spaces cool by absorbing and dissipating 80 to 95 percent of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the window or door glass. Perfect for window and door screens, Phifer SunTex mesh fabrics also help reduce energy costs and protect furniture against fading. Phifer SunTex provides just the right amount of daytime privacy while protecting homes from insects and offering good outward visibility. SunTex products are offered in widths up to 126 inches

For more information on Phifer SunTex, please visit the category page or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.


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