Vinyl Mending in Three Words: Cut, Peel, Press

How easy is vinyl mending? With SKP® Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape, it’s as simple as cut, peel, and press.

Use SKP repair tape to patch holes or tears in vinyl, vinyl-coated, or vinyl-laminated fabrics. It’s ideal for repairing tarps, tents, the inside of refrigerated trucks, reinforcement patches, and more. The patch is a 14-ounce coated vinyl with an extremely adhesive backside. Since it’s a self-adhesive tape, there’s no need for messy liquid adhesives.

Once cut, peeled, and pressed, SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape does the rest. It adheres immediately and takes only 24 hours to fully cure. For optimal results, use SKP on both sides of the material. It comes in full rolls at 6” wide and 5’ and 75’ long, and you can choose from five color options – gray, green, blue, white, and black.

SKP Super Kwik Patch Repair Tape is an essential supply for any fabricator working with vinyl or vinyl-coated fabrics. It’s designed for easy handling, cutting, and shaping to your specification.

Don’t let rips ruin your day – or your project. Shop SKP tape now and get super quick at fixing rips. And as your one-stop shop, be sure to check out our entire selection of cleaners, protectants, and adhesives for additional repair and defense products.


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