Spring Has Sprung: Stay Dry With BellBloc®

Whether you’re making new or recovering existing outdoor furniture cushions, help your customers stay dry with BellBloc 68, an advanced polyester fabric liner system. The hydrophobic fabric protects the foam insert from exterior contaminants and the water-repellent cushion liner acts as a barrier against oil, stains, mold, and mildew. The result? Up to 40% improved moisture repellency over industry competitors.

Lightweight and breathable, BellBloc 68 features minimal strength loss to heat and UV rays. Specially developed to reduce the loss of foam compression, it extends the life of the fabricated piece. This makes BellBloc ideal for cushions, seat backs, furniture, and pillows for outdoor, commercial, and residential markets. The liner can be sewn or attached with sonic bonding. It also works well for patterning.

Need a softer option ideal for pillows? BellBloc 100 has you covered. Our BellBloc video details both lines available through Trivantage.

For more information on this Made in the USA fabric, contact your sales representative, visit trivantage.com, or call us at 800.786.1876.


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