Customer Spotlight: ‘True Partnership’ Fuels Canvas Craft’s Success

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As a business owner, Matt Franta relies on precision, attention to detail, and efficiency for every aspect of his business. Franta credits his approach to running Canvas Craft, Minnesota’s premier provider of industrial fabric products, to lessons he learned from his father, who purchased the business in the early 1980s with an emphasis on doing what’s best for the customer.

Doing what’s best for the customer works in Franta’s favor. In 2019, his customer service representative at Trivantage called him with a suggestion that would soon change the way his company manages the delivery of fabric and supplies – and still does today.

“My Trivantage rep took it upon himself to dig deep and determine why our company was placing so many orders in a single week,” said Franta, president of Canvas Craft. “He showed us data to prove that we were placing orders multiple times throughout the week and in some cases several per day. To his point, there had to be a more efficient way to place orders.”

Following this conversation, Franta did his own research and learned his team was approaching orders with a “just-in-time mentality.” Working closely with his contact at Trivantage, both teams streamlined the ordering process at Canvas Craft and developed a new approach that involved the company placing a single order every one to two weeks, saving time and money for everyone.

“We have a true partnership with Trivantage,” Franta said. “It was helpful to receive this level of attention to such a granular detail. It forced use to take a hard look at our internal processes and make some needed changes. Trivantage didn’t have to initiate this conversation. But they did so because they truly are an extension of our business and an important part of our company’s success.”

Canvas Craft prides itself on providing a hometown experience while using the most advanced and high-tech equipment available. This has allowed the company to grow from a one-man boat cover shop in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul into a full-service industrial fabric products manufacturer serving the entire Upper Midwest.

“Boat and marine applications have been a staple at Canvas Craft since the beginning, as has the niche we have carved out for ourselves in outdoor spaces,” said Franta, who purchased the company from his father in 2004. “Over the years, we expanded the business through small acquisitions, acquiring new equipment, and expanding our knowledge by getting out of our comfort zone.”

Looking ahead, Franta said, Canvas Craft customers can continue to expect a laser focus from his team on applications to cover and protect what they value the most and ensure the right fit every time with Sunbrella®, Serge Ferrari, Sur Last®, Aqualon® Edge, and Polyfab, all available from Trivantage.

“From tailor-fit solutions to durable fabrics to local fabricating, Canvas Craft has you covered, all backed by a trusted team that includes Trivantage,” he said.


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