Customer Spotlight: Needlesmith Seating

Mark Hess goes beyond delivering what the customer wants – he asks why.

“When I have customers ask for a certain material, I ask them for more insight,” said Hess, owner of Needlesmith Seating, a canvas shop specializing in interior marine upholstery in Jasper, Georgia. “Do they need durability because they have a dog? Are they concerned about temperature?”

Hess has worked with Trivantage for about two years – typically ordering materials he needs quickly online and occasionally calling up his sales representative for specialty orders.

“The Trivantage website gives me nearly everything I need to know,” said Hess. “I’ve even compared it with other websites in the industry for ease of use, and I always end up coming right back to”

In fact, Hess found his now go-to marine vinyl, Causeway®, a value-priced, high-quality marine upholstery fabric, by watching the Trivantage Marine Upholstery Collection video on the website. He recently reupholstered a set of salon cushions for a Catalina 320 in the Georgia area and wanted to do his own research.

“When a customer wants vinyl on their salon cushions, I point them to the Causeway products because of their durability, great appearance, and competitive pricing,” he said. “It’s become a very reliable product to show and to use.”

Hess also noted the variety of color options and ability to purchase by the yard. The vinyl gives him enough stretch to make the shapes he needs to make for interior seating.

“It’s easy enough to handle so I can do more than just a box cushion. I have noticed the durability,” Hess said. “When I first got it in, I attempted to puncture the vinyl. The surface is very strong and did not budge; I was impressed with that.”



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