Trivantage® Launches Customer Care Teams

As part of a renewed commitment to our customers, Trivantage has launched Customer Care Teams to provide you with best-in-class service in the industries we serve. The goal of a team approach to customer service is to provide a personalized experience that builds relationships and demonstrates our commitment to your business, and we approach this commitment with an eye on your long-term needs.

Each Trivantage customer is now serviced by a two-person team of sales representatives and a dedicated group of customer service associates to provide a custom-made approach in each local market. Our teams meet regularly and tailor strategies in their regions aimed at enhancing their experience with Trivantage with an emphasis on creating a better customer experience for you and your team.

We hope you will agree that Trivantage approaches customer care with a “shop local” mindset and that you can count on us through every step of the ordering process. Meet your team.



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