PPE in the Textile Industry

As we have seen in recent months, our industries are operating in an extremely volatile environment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend our economy and reorient consumer demand. At Trivantage, we continue to have conversations with industry leaders on the demand for commercial and retail and healthcare PPE, as well as the anticipated direction of our industries in the months ahead.

As vice president of sales for Trivantage, Bret Kelley is uniquely suited to lend his voice to this matter, including the effort to produce PPE across multiple industries. In a recent interview, he discussed the industry collaboration that continues to strengthen PPE efforts, both traditional inputs and those for commercial and retail, as well as how Trivantage is working closely with its customers in commercial and healthcare industries to help them navigate the challenges wrought by the pandemic.

Bret’s interview can be viewed on our Need for PPE dedicated pages at trivantage.com. We hope you find it insightful.

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