New Day, New Solutions


Trivantage is working diligently within the healthcare community to supplement demand for raw materials that might be used for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort includes sourcing materials to produce face shields and gowns, as well as testing other Glen Raven and Trivantage products for gown applications. Many of our customers also are making fabric face mask covers using a range of fabrics, and Trivantage offers a variety of fabrics and accessory items for these critical applications.

With a global pandemic continuing to grip the U.S, Trivantage has launched The Need for PPE, a dedicated page detailing the materials and patterns used to make PPE. The site is an excellent example of how Trivantage is working closely with its customers to supplement the demand for raw materials that might be used for PPE during the pandemic, and it also serves as a central location that customers and the industry at large can turn to for the latest news and information on how to support healthcare providers during this time of need.

Today, as the U.S. is beginning the process of reopening, we are hearing conversations about the need for different types of PPE. Trivantage is poised to support these efforts as the country moves into an environment where restrictions are lifted and has launched New Day, New Solutions, a dedicated page detailing the demand for commercial/retail PPE and traditional shade, marine, furniture, and industrial fabrication opportunities. Examples of PPE products include clear partitions used in restaurants, retail spaces, gyms, commercial offices, barber shops/hair salons, hotels, and other areas where people may be in close proximity.

Much like how new PPE inputs quickly developed as the pandemic unfolded, Trivantage stands ready to assist restaurants and other businesses needing shade for outdoor spaces. We also are seeing increased activity in marine and outdoor furniture, driven by increased demand from those consumers.

For more information on creative solutions for PPE, contact your local sales representative, visit, or call us at 1-800-786-1876.


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