Zip It Up: Sunbrella® Zippers A Marine First

A first in the marine industry, Sunbrella SUNZIP Zippers are made with Sunbrella Acrylic tape. Shut out bad weather for an easy-use, watertight closure that is becoming a standard request for marine applications. A combination of Sunbrella performance and UV-resistant resin teeth mean the zippers are colorfast against the sun. They protect against UV rays, water, mold, mildew, and stains.

Sunbrella SUNZIP is a #10 separating zipper with an automatic-lock, double-pull, metal slider. The unique design is primarily used for boat windows, boat enclosures, and similar marine applications. The zippers are available in black or white, matching Sunbrella fabrics of the same color, and in multiple lengths.

In addition to Sunbrella Zippers, Trivantage offers an extensive supply of marine zippers in high-grade plastic and metal. The zippers are lightweight yet heavy duty for easy sewing and endurance. These properties make the zippers optimal for marine and awning applications. Because the zippers are corrosion-resistant and self-lubricating, they operate smoothly in harsh weather conditions.


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