How Do You Create with Trivantage?

Mill Outlet Village takes great pride in offering customers the best selection of fine quality fabrics and supplies for all their creative needs. So, where does Mill Outlet turn for creative inspiration?

“I count on Trivantage for business-building ideas that keep me and my business looking forward,” said Mike Bazemore, co-owner of the oldest and best-known fabrics retailer in Raleigh, North Carolina. “A great example of our partnership is how closely Trivantage works with me on communicating the Sunbrella brand promise to my customers.

“Today’s consumers are more aware of Sunbrella than ever before and by working alongside Trivantage, I can be assured that I am on top of the brand’s latest design trends,” he added. “This approach benefits my business and my customer’s business, and it also strengthens my partnership with Trivantage.”

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