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We love hearing from our customers on the role Trivantage plays in the success of their business, including how they have come to rely on our sales and customer service representatives for solutions large and small.

KTM Custom Marine Canvas is a family-owned business dedicated to meeting its customers complete canvas needs. With 15 years’ experience in the industry, they use only the finest marine products and materials available and have come to rely on Trivantage for a range of business-building ideas. Owner Kevin Stancil recently took a moment to describe why his company considers Trivantage a partner.

“I can describe my partnership with Trivantage in two words: dialed in,” he said. “They not only spend time with us, they invest time in our business. A hallmark of this relationship is communications. No matter who I talk to at Trivantage, they are educated on every product we order. They are also willing to adapt their ordering process to our business needs, including scheduling ordering and shipping on certain days of the week. This solutions-oriented approach to improving efficiency helps us grow our business and cultivate new ideas, all while keeping Trivantage dialed in to our business objectives.”

We want to hear from you! To share your experience with working with Trivantage, contact your local sales representative.


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