Check Out Our Latest Product Videos

Why choose fabric for shade? What is the role of a fabric liner system? For answers to these and similar questions, check out our latest product videos at our Video Library:

  • To find the right fabrics and hardware for any shade application, as well as maintenance education and product specs, check out our video “Why Choose Fabric for Shade?”
  • HarborTime® Edge is a marine fabric that supplies exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV performance. The result? Cooler surfaces and lower interior temperatures.
  • BellBloc® 68 is an advanced PET (polyester) fabric liner system. Our latest BellBloc video details how hydrophobic fabric protects the foam insert from exterior contaminants.
  • Aqualon® Edge/Aqualon Edge Soft is a hybrid marine fabric from Trivantage that features Perfecta Marine® This video details how the materials bring exceptional heat reduction, heat reflection, and UV capacity.

Please contact your local sales representative or call 1-800-786-1876 to learn more about these and any other Trivantage products for your next project.


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