Fabric Bond Tape, Only from Trivantage®

Our exclusive fabric bond tape uses high-quality bonding technology for durable seams. It helps achieve the three principles of welding success: speed, heat, and pressure. This polyurethane-based welding tape is used to heat seal seams with Hot Air, Hot Wedge, or RF (radio frequency) welding equipment. Trivantage recommends using the tape with a Miller Weldmaster®.

Available only through Trivantage, the 7/8″ fabric bond tape is made for use with polyester and acrylic fabrics, such as Sunbrella®. The tape also welds vinyl to acrylics or polyester fabrics. It creates stitch-free, watertight seams and eliminates the need for thread matching. The heat seal tape, available in black and white, is ideal for commercial awning and marine projects.

Trivantage also offers FR fabric bond tape that works with fire-retardant fabrics only, such as FIRESIST®.

Need more details on our fabric bond tape? Reach out to your local sales representative, visit trivantage.com, or contact us at 1-800-786-1876.


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