Watch a Short Video on Mooring Poles and Vents

Watch Regional Sales Manager Brian Holian demonstrate the use of mooring poles and vents.

Mooring poles are designed to pitch boat fabrics, helping to prevent the accumulation of snow and water. There are several options, including the snap tip, open tip, and swedge tip. Trivantage® also offers an open tip for use with a Boat Vent II, Boat Vent III, or Vent-Sol-Air. Easily adjust the pole’s length anywhere between 48 and 96 inches then lock it in place using a Cam Lock or thumbscrew.

There are two nonslip bases and many venting options to allow airflow under the cover and to prevent buildup of mold and mildew. Top-selling vents include the Boat Vent II, the Boat Vent AERO, and the solar-powered Vent-Sol-Air.

For more information on mooring poles and vents, please visit, or contact your Trivantage customer service representative.


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