Clear Vinyl Products to Get the Job Done

Whether creating a patio or boat enclosure, you’ll need a clear vinyl product that works for you. At Trivantage, we offer a variety of products like Strataglass™ and O’Sea™ so you can choose the product that fits your needs.

Strataglass performs well for applications such as awning enclosures, boat curtains and automotive windows where clarity and lack of distortion are must-haves. Available in 54-inch widths, it is scratch resistant and helps to block UV rays. Strataglass is a press polished vinyl material available in clear, light smoke and dark smoke tints.

O’Sea press polished sheets are suited for applications where visibility and durability are key. The product is made of clear press polished vinyl that is RF sealable and scratch, stain and chemical resistant. It also boasts UV durability for applications that will see a lot of sun.

No matter your preference or need for clear vinyl, Trivantage can help take ordering off your plate and help you get the job done.


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