Prep for Warmer Weather with Aqualon® Edge

As we quickly approach warmer weather, be sure to take the best care of your customers with Aqualon® Edge. Ideal for boat covers and bimini tops, this marine fabric significantly reduces heat gain to keep surfaces and interior temperatures cool. Aqualon Edge offered in 20 different color options to suit any design need.

The marine cover fabric has many uses and provides exceptional benefits to boat owners. Hybrid coated with Perfecta Marine® technology, the finished product provides optimal protection from UV rays that cause heat buildup. In fact, Aqualon Edge outperforms other popular marine fabrics by resisting heat gain by up to 30 percent more effectively. Plus, it is water-repellent, mildew resistant, and is backed by an extended 7-year warranty.

With simple routine care and proper maintenance, it’s easy to reach the desired maximum life of the product. Encourage boat owners to wash lightly with a garden hose once a month. Remove dirt with a soft brush and mild soap solution then dry thoroughly before rolling up to prevent mildew. If putting in a fully enclosed area, it is essential to vent for air circulation.

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