Find the Cleaners and Protectants You Need to Get the Job Done

Taking care of shade, marine and upholstery fabric is essential. Whether you are removing dirt and mildew stains or protecting the fabric from UV rays and pollution, these tough fabrics deserve the same protection they provide. Using the proper cleaners and protectants extends the lifespan of the fabric while making the overall project look even better.

Stain Removal

Take time to walk your customers through care and cleaning procedures for their new fabric creation, whether it’s an awning, bimini or upholstery. For multiple surfaces with difficult stains, recommend 303® indoor/outdoor multi-surface cleaner. Full strength or diluted, 303 works best for spot cleaning tough stains without foam, fumes or odor. The surface cleaner can be used on indoor and outdoor furniture – from marine canvas and awnings to carpet and upholstery.

Offer IOSSO® Mold and Mildew Stain Remover for weather-exposed outdoor applications such as awnings, patio furniture, spa covers, boat covers, camping gear, vinyl, plastic and fiberglass. This remover rids damage from algae, tough dirt, oils, tree sap and bird droppings. 


The off-season is a perfect time to protect shade and marine products with IMAR™ Stamoid Marine Vinyl Spray or APCO Vinyl Protector™.

IMAR Stamoid Marine Vinyl Spray will eliminate age-induced brittleness and ensure a longer product life. By using a protective spray with special UV inhibitors, deterioration effects of direct sunlight are minimized.

For shade products like Serge Ferrari Précontraint® 502, Coastline Plus® or Patio 500®, apply APCO Vinyl Protector after every cleaning. Use of this protectant will replenish and maintain vitality to vinyl fabrics. Damage from long term environmental exposure, dirt, UV and mildew can be prevented if used properly.

For Sunbrella fabrics, choose 303® Fabric Guard to restore lost repellency resulting from stain removal.

Appropriate cleaning and protection will help increase the longevity of your shade and marine fabric. To order these cleaners and protectants, visit today.


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