Website Tip: Using the Compare Function

Not sure which fabric to choose? Using the new, you can easily compare the fabrics on your wish list to locate the right product for the job. Here is how it works:

Step one: Using the main navigation bar, choose the type of fabric you need. You can choose between marine, awning, upholstery and more.


Step two: As you browse through the list of products, you will notice a “Select to Compare” checkbox above each thumbnail image. Simply click this box for each product you want to compare.


Step three: Once you check the boxes of the items you would like to compare, a gray box will appear that says, “Select to Compare.” Click this box, and you will be taken to a side-by-side comparison page that notes size, width, thickness, color and more of each product.


Once you’ve chosen the right product, you can place your order online directly through


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