Marine Fabricator Designs Durable, Long-Lasting Hand Punch

Lift a dotSeeing an opportunity to help marine fabricators save time and money, Jeff Murray of J&J Innovations designed a new, durable handheld punch for faster and simpler die cutting in marine and awning applications. The Common Sense®/Lift-the-DOT® Fastener Tool is now available from Trivantage.

The tool comes standard with two interchangeable dies to prepare fabric for use with both Common Sense and Lift-the-DOT fasteners. Its compact and durable design allows fabricators to use it without having to remove the boat they’ve been called to repair or replace.

Lift a dot2It’s an affordable and durable tool made of billet aluminum with parts entirely sourced and manufactured in the U.S. The entire tool can be taken apart so that pins and blades can be sharpened instead of having to replace the entire die, though replacement dies are available for purchase.

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