Stainless Steel = Quality, Strength, Appearance


In general, we all seem to know that stainless steel is “better” when it comes to materials and hardware, but do we understand the bigger picture? Why is it better and what applications benefit from stainless steel?

Sometimes, people confuse stainless steel with rust-proof, but that isn’t really true. Put simply, it “stains less,” which basically means it’s less prone to rusting. It is also exceptionally corrosion resistant, making it a great option for coastal regions or areas with high humidity and/or exposure to natural water bodies (the ocean, lakes, rivers, etc.).

Stainless steel is much stronger than other metals. For example, on a larger Bimini top, its strength prevents it from deflecting like aluminum tubing would. In other words, there’s less sagging.

Finally, it has a beautiful appearance, especially when used on an exterior application. The tidy shine of stainless steel is simply more pleasing to the eye.

Trivantage carries stainless steel products that mostly span two categories: marine and shade sail. On the marine side, we offer stainless steel tubing and the hardware that accompanies it, including snaps, bolts and staples. Most of our shade sail hardware is made of stainless steel, for a clean, finished look.

We also offer products in two different types of stainless steel: 304 (good) and 316 (better). The 304 stainless is a widely used material made up of chromium and nickel alloys. The 316 type is also made of chromium and nickel, but has molybdenum added to it, providing an even higher degree of corrosion resistance than 304.

Have you used stainless steel materials and hardware in a project? We’d love to hear about it!


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