When it comes to removing stains from outdoor fabrics, APCO cleaning products are as perfect for heavy-duty jobs as they are for everyday maintenance. Fabricators can rely on Trivantage offerings like APCO VinylClean PlusTM, APCO TentClean Green and APCO Vinyl ProtectorTM to clean and protect up to 600 square feet of vinyl fabric per gallon. Additionally, Trivantage offers APCO ApsealTM and APCO FabClean Green to clean and protect up to 500-600 square feet of open weave fabric per gallon.

VinylClean Plus

“We started in the outdoor fabric cleaning industry unhappy with the cleaning product selection available,” said Scott Massey, President of Awning Cleaning Industries, the makers of APCO products. “We came up with two environmentally friendly cleaners, one for open-weave fabric and one for vinyl fabric.”

The original heavy-duty vinyl cleaner is APCO VinylClean Plus, which contains a de-oxidizer that improves removal of stains, soils, and chalking from plasticizer migration. Unlike some other stain removers, APCO VinylClean Plus can be used safely on any vinyl surface on a frequent maintenance schedule.

Vinyl Protector

To replenish and maintain vitality to vinyl fabrics, apply APCO Vinyl Protector after every cleaning. APCO Vinyl Protector provides protection to help minimize UV, soil and mildew damage to vinyl fabrics that are subject to environmental exposure. This protectant repels dirt, inhibits stains and maintains the appearance of vinyl.

“We’re different than other cleaning product manufacturers because we’re hands-on in the cleaning business ourselves,” Massey said. “We value the health of our employees and the consumer – we use safer formulas to create greener products that work great to keep the environment and users safer.”

TentClean Green

Trivantage offers APCO TentClean Green, a high-strength vinyl cleaner that requires minimal effort to remove soils from vinyl fabrics. This cleaner can be used for general maintenance purposes or cleaning heavily soiled fabrics, quickly and easily. APCO TentClean Green can be used for all vinyls.

Once you have the best products for maintaining vinyl, clean and protect open weave fabrics with APCO FabClean Green and APCO Apseal. APCO FabClean Green is a high-strength greener cleaning solution that can be used for general maintenance or in heavily soiled conditions. This cleaner is best used for open weave fabrics such as boat tops, enclosures, outdoor furniture cushions and awnings.

FabClean Green

Apply APCO Apseal when the fabric is clean and dry to provide water repellency and stain protection. Used after each cleaning, this premium protectant inhibits UV damage and mildew growth.

“When cleaning an awning, it’s smart to carry more than one type of cleaner – you never know what type of stains you might find,” said Massey. “If you properly maintain your awnings, more people will be attracted to your store as a result,” Massey said.

APCO cleaners and protectors cover 500-600 square feet of vinyl or open weave fabric per gallon, serving as the perfect option for outdoor fabric maintenance. Learn more and place your order at Trivantage.com.

Sample cards are available for Patio 500® (No. 998941) as well as Cooley-Brite and Cooley-Brite Lite (No. 998942).

For more information on these or other sample cards, contact your regional Trivantage representative.

When it comes to finding durable and colorful fabric for fixed awnings in retail, residential or resort settings, look to Weblon® Coastline Plus®, a top-rated PVC composite.

Its vinyl and polyester composite construction can withstand natural elements without shrinking or drooping. Because Coastline Plus is a PVC fabric, it resists fading, aging, stains and mildew. It is heat-sealable, an attribute needed when waterproofing and repellency is desired.

Coastline Plus is top-coated with Rain Kleen® to support most types of pressure-sensitive graphics — perfect for businesses that want to feature branding on their awnings. Rain Kleen also prolongs the lifespan of the awning. The fabric features a five-year warranty and is UV resistant.

It meets or exceeds California State Fire Marshal Title 19, NFPA 701 TM2 and ASTM E-84 Class A flame spread.

In addition to the fabric’s natural durability and protection, it is easy to clean. Simply brush off excess dirt with a soft-bristled brush and then hose off with water. In severe cases, apply half strength bleach and brush stain softly to remove. Let solution set for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.

A Coastline Plus awning will exceed expectations and provide years of stylish sun protection. To learn more and place an order today, visit Trivantage.com.

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In cold weather climates, you may go through a slower season for shade fabrication, but that doesn’t mean business has to come to a halt. The off-season is the perfect time to start talking with customers about their upcoming shade needs.

Be sure customers know about the latest fabrics, colors and patterns like those in the new Sunbrella® Shade fabric collection and about product offerings such as Serge Ferrari Precontraint® 502 Satin or Sunbrella Contour.

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