New Weblon® Vanguard® sample cards are now available. If you are in need of a new sample card, contact your Trivantage representative today and reference sample card number 998994.

Picture the tools you use on the job every day. Chances are, a pair of scissors is on the list. Now, consider when you purchased them and whether or not they are still as reliable as day one. Do they hold an edge? Are they comfortable in your hand for long periods of time? Is the metal still in good condition, or is rusted?

At Trivantage, we stock multiple types of Kretzer® shears because they offer the superior quality and durability essential to fabrication. As the leading German scissors manufacturer, tricky frays and tough fabrics are no match for Kretzer shears.

Whether you’re working with outdated scissors or seeking additional comfort, look to Kretzer’s stainless steel options. This option is lightweight and has rubber-handled grips for extra comfort. For those living near the coast, the stainless steel will stand up to moisture in the air so rust won’t be an issue. Kretzer puts extra time and attention into each blade produced, ensuring that the angle of the blades is at the optimum position to give you the best cut.

If you’re in need of new shears or simply looking for additional comfort and durability, check out our line of Kretzer products today.


Help keep your clients cool with HarborTime Edge marine fabric, offered by Trivantage. This fabric has all the performance features of HarborTime fabrics, with added Perfecta Marine® technology, providing superior heat reduction, and heat reflection.

HarborTime Edge is made from acrylic-coated polyester, making it strong and resistant to abrasion. And, with Perfecta Marine technology, it keeps boats cooler, making it the perfect fabric for constructing Biminis, T-tops, mooring and travel covers.

In addition, HarborTime Edge boasts minimal shrinkage and stretch, leaving your clients worry-free. Because HarborTime Edge is UV- and mildew-resistant and water repellent, it is perfect for harsh marine environments.

The fabric is offered with an industry leading 7-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting color and exceptional UV performance for years to come. Learn more about this exceptional marine fabric and place your order through Trivantage today.


Throughout the year, customers will be looking for quality products than can withstand weather conditions from sun and high humidity to rain and mildew. Trivantage® offers Patio 500Ò Awning Fabric for both awnings and canopies in commercial or residential applications with exceptional weather resistance.

Patio 500 Awning Fabric is
a triple-ply vinyl laminated fabric crafted from wick and craze-resistant weft-inserted polyester scrim.  Its emboss gives the fabric a matte, linen-like finish. Patio 500 is a leading awning fabric that is not only waterproof, but also resistant to mildew and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Fabricators can choose single colored fabric or a duplex style, with different colors on each side. Various applications will easily adhere to Patio 500 Awning Fabric, including heat- inset graphics, silk screening, hand painting and appliqués to suit any customer’s needs. Pressure sensitive graphics are not recommended. Patio 500 is also heat-sealable.

No matter the customer’s preference, Trivantage carries the shade fabric to meet their needs, provide long-lasting good looks and superior strength. Trivantage assures long-lasting quality with a five-year warranty on Patio 500 Awning Fabric, excluding #513 Clear.

With an easy, integrated ordering experience, Trivantage has the expertise and products needed to get the job done. To place an order or learn about other awning fabrics, please visit

Bending aluminum or stainless steel marine tubing is easy with the Bendarc and Crownarc Benders. Bring precision and professionalism to your marine canvas shop for years to come with these long-lasting shop tools.

Whether you mount Bendarc on a wall or bench, it’s easy to form strong bends with smooth, rounded corners. With the assistance of a long handle for leverage and added body weight, the Bendarc curves a 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-inch radius on either 7/8-, 1- or 1-1/4-inch OD aluminum or stainless steel marine tubing. If a smaller inch radius needs to be enlarged, interchangeable forming blocks, clamp blocks and rollers can help.

With an adjustable radius from 30 inches to infinity, Crownarc rounds 7/8-inch, 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch outside diameter marine tubing using the same dies. Crownarc has a fully adjustable center roller and a Z-wheel drive system for easier control. Both lower wheels turn with Crownarc’s gear drive, bending more crown with each pass. For fabricators’ convenience, this tool can be mounted on a table, wall, or the side or rear of a truck.

As two of the most widely used tools for fabricating canvas enclosures for boats, Trivantage® offers the Bendarc and Crownarc bending tools to provide you with ease of use and accuracy. Learn more about these long-lasting tools and place your order, which can be drop shipped, today.

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