paratore.100556In this issue of Market Corner we’re focused on new fabric additions to two of our most popular fabric lines: Sunbrella® Fusion Collection and Phifertex 2014-2015 Stock Collection. Introduced earlier this month at the Casual Living Show to excellent reviews, both collections are good examples of the diverse inventory we stock, giving you the flexibility to offer your customers the newest colors and styles in cut yardage.

The Fusion Collection additions focus on softer colors in a variety of solids, stripes and small textured patterns. These upholstery fabrics represent fashion forward thinking both in their color and patterns.

In this issue also learn about the additions to the Phifer 2014-2015 Stock Collection of slingable fabrics, which feature new colors and large graphic patterns. Known for their use on patio furniture, these fabrics are also a good fit for office furniture, shade umbrellas and orthopedic equipment.

As the season comes to an end we’re gearing up for IFAI Expo and hope to see you there in a couple weeks. If you’re attending the show, stay tuned to our Expo issue of Market Corner, featuring the products and demonstrations we’ll focus on in our booth.

We appreciate your patronage and here’s to wrapping up the season on a positive note!

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Thirty-three new styles have been added to the Fusion Collection, new fabrics with basic patterns and soft colors that have the appearance of being vegetable dyed. Available exclusively from Trivantage, the new upholstery fabric styles are ideal for creating a soft, tranquil base palette onto which to layer brighter colors.

New fabric groups include Chartres, a natural linen looking texture in Barley, Flax, Hemp, Mist, Pebble, Willow and Wisteria.

New colors in the existing Meridian group, a chambray, include Cameo, Flax, Grain, Meadow, Mist, Pewter, Rose and Wisteria, all colors that have the appearance of natural vegetable dyes.

The new additions also include an expansion existing small textured design groups, Posh, Houndstooth and Meander that can be used as basics to add texture to a tonal palette.



There are five new colors in Posh, a subtle herringbone that uses a heave yarn for more texture: Ash, Charcoal, Dove, Salt and Shitake. These new naturals will coordinate with anything in the Fusion collection.

The new soft, natural colors in Houndstooth are Ivory, Spark and Wren. Find four new colors in Meander, a jacquard in a simple and small fretwork design that uses a heavy yarn to add to the depth and texture: two brighter colors, Shamrock and Lilac; and two neutrals, Pebble and Wren.

The additions to the collection are rounded out by new stripes and a simple geometric jacquard. The striped pattern, Paris, a simple three-color bar stripe uses the same textured weave as Chartres in four colors, Blush, Lavender, Mist and Raffia.

Extend is beautiful, ribbed, textured stripe that comes in just one bright color, Breeze, using a few tones of green, a bright chartreuse yellow and a natural vellum. Crazy Quilt, a geometric jacquard, uses blue-green colors and neutral tones to coordinate with some of the cooler colors in the collection.

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Sunbrella® Fusion brochures, which include the additions and all existing styles, are available in packs of 25. Or download a PDF of the brochure.


  • Fusion Brochure 2014 – 2015 – Item No. 999623.


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Laird Willow
Greek Key Lattice
Metallica-Reveire White
Clarity Sea Fog
Clarity Pearl
Martindale Pewter
Whatley Dune
Fantasy Flow Asher
Kipton Suede
Patina Stone
Watercolor Tweed Pearly
Tiki Glow
Tiki Butter
Watercolor Tweed Glow
Cortez Earth
Clarity Blue
Straw Mat Blue
Winsted Stripe Beach
Patina Seashore
Cortez Navy
Patina Red
Pritchard Ember
Laird Sage

Phifer has added 25 styles to its 2014-2015 Stock Collection of slingable fabrics, focusing on color and large graphic patterns that help you create stylish outdoor spaces for your customers.

The Phifertex® additions supplement the Jacquards, Wicker Weave, PVC/Olefin Blend, and Stripes and Solids collections. In addition to patio furniture, Phifertex is ideal for umbrellas, office furniture, orthopedic equipment, upholstery, safety vests, and unique heat-filtering awnings.

Phifertex is infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew and keep fabrics cleaner for longer. It is also GREENGUARD® certified for low chemical emissions, making it a good choice for inside uses.

2015 Phifertex product line sample cards, featuring larger swatches to show pattern repeats, will be available from Trivantage in October.

  • Phifertex Jacquards card – Jacquards are fabrics with a designed pattern woven into the fabric. Item No. 999556
  • Phifertex Wicker Weave card – Wicker Weaves are a basket weave that mimics cane wicker. Item No. 999557
  • Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend card – A fabric with a softer hand than the vinyl-only products. Item No. 999558
  • Phifertex Stripes and Solids card – Ideal for awnings and seating. Item No. 999559
  • Phifertex Additions (2013-2014) card – Features 2014 mid-year additions to all collections. Item No. 999855
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