At Trivantage, we devote ourselves to building strong relationships with you, our customers. Getting to know you means connecting on a personal level, while also understanding your business, so we can help solve challenges or find the best solution for a particular project. Building on relationships means we can partner with you in a meaningful way, so being your one-stop shop and source of industry expertise truly simplifies your life.

In this issue of Market Corner, read about networking tips that help put your business on solid footing. You never know if the person you meet tomorrow at your local Chamber of Commerce luncheon may be a future customer or the one who connects you to a new customer down the road. Cultivating these relationships can reap big rewards; plus, you’re growing your circle of friends.

Read about a new marine fabric from Serge Ferrari, Stamoid® Pure, engineered to stand up to UV rays and pollution. Be sure to check out the great deals on high performance shade fabrics, also from Serge Ferrari, Soltis® 93 and Soltis® 99, available for a limited time with special pricing.

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Stamoid-blogWe’re always excited about new products and Stamoid® Pure is no exception. As you may have guessed, this product is similar to Stamoid Top, but its special oil and pollution resistant coating sets it apart.

Here are all the details: Stamoid Pure is a lightweight woven PVC material with an oil/pollution resistant formulation. And there’s research to back up its claims. Southern California is known for its pollution and relentless sunshine, and Stamoid Pure was put the test there for more than two years. Researchers were pleased with the exceptional UV and pollution resistance, as well as the durability of such a lightweight product. After two years of testing, Stamoid Pure remained flexible and easy to clean.

Thanks to its two-sided coating, Stamoid Pure can be used for Bimini tops, T-tops, sprayhoods and more, including covers for power or sail boats. The material is 100 percent waterproof, colorfast and compact. Stamoid Pure has exceptional service life, no deformation and easy upkeep. A standard pack is 54 yards and comes in white, snow white and cream.

New Stamoid Pure sample cards are available from Trivantage.

Each month, we’re focusing on strategies to help build your business and what better place to start than networking? Love it or hate it, networking is an essential part of growing your customer base, and it’s smart to keep your strategies fresh by digging into the latest tips and tricks.

A recent article in Entrepreneur offers five tips to elevating your networking game, and one piece of advice really stood out to us.

It’s all about mindset: Some people utterly dread networking, or find it completely exhausting and this section on mindset really gets to the root of the issue. Networking feels like work, and it shouldn’t. You’re building relationships to guide your professional career and ultimately, your life. Finding people who can help you with your goals shouldn’t be stressful. If you look at networking as building your long-term relationships, you should be able to take some of the pressure out of the equation.

And, a Forbes article from last year pulls insights from Keith Ferrazzi’s book, Never Eat Alone. Ferrazzi is an expert in professional relationship development and he recommends creating a “Relationship Action Plan” to identify key constituencies that will be valuable to your overall network. This strategy allows you to make connections and help others make connections as well.

For example, as a tradesperson, you might choose other awning and marine tradespeople (since that’s your most immediate, relevant peer group) and local business owners and thought leaders (so you can learn from each other’s business models and glean trends/market insights from them). We recommend taking a second to jot down key networking groups in your area and brainstorm how they could help you grow your business.

Growing your circle of business contacts – and friends – can reap big benefits for your business. You never know who might connect you to your next big project, so get out there and connect with people in your community whether it’s for lunch, a round of golf or a community service project.

With discounts up to 46 percent off list prices, it’s never been a better time to consider Serge Ferrari Soltis® 93 and Soltis® 99 fabric for upcoming building shade projects.

Soltis 93

Soltis 93

Block the heat and sun before it comes inside with Serge Ferrari Soltis® 93 micro-ventilation fabric.

Soltis 93 is perfect for façade shade structures, protecting verandas from the sun, conservatory blinds and sail shades. It naturally dissipates heat away from the building – up to 96 percent of solar heat when placed on the exterior of windows – so it’s comfortable inside while maintaining a view of the outdoors.

That means it also helps lower energy costs, while protecting people and furniture inside. We think that’s a no brainer!

Soltis 99

Soltis 99

If you prefer an interior shading solution, look to Soltis® 99, which when used with standard double-glazed clear windows has a solar factor of 30 percent.

With a metallic “B” side, which eliminates unpleasant glare, controls brightness and maintains a comfortable, natural light, Soltis 99 provides optimum light control for people working on computers. The fabric’s openness blocks out as much luminous variation as possible, achieving less than 5 percent visible light transmission.
Serge Ferrari’s innovative and exclusive Précontraint® process gives Soltis 93 and Soltis 99 dimensional stability and keeps the composite under tension throughout the manufacturing process. The composite’s “lay flat” quality makes it easier to heat seal and improves overall handling during fabrication.

Both fabrics are printable, giving you the option to create a brand experience for your client in addition to shade that protects and enhances the interior.

Check out these fabrics in the Specials section today!

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