Solair_logo_gry_taglineThis month’s Market Corner focuses on Solair®. We’ve had some great feedback from the field about this product offering and we’re introducing additional customization options to make it easier to sell your customers on retractable awnings.

You’ve got a great resource at your fingertips: the Solair website. The newly redesigned site is user-friendly and a great tool for your customers to use in selecting a retractable awning for their home. The Awning Visualizer, which can now be used on smartphones and tablet computers, is especially useful for homeowners to see how different fabric colors and styles will look with their home. We’re very optimistic about the potential for the site to educate homeowners about the versatility of Solair Shade Solutions.

In this issue you will see new products available to make it easier to customize retractable awnings to your customers’ needs, whether it’s installing over protruding siding, making a difficult mounting bracket angle work or adjusting for windy conditions.

We have worked hard to improve production time, so every order is delivered when you want it. Please continue to tell us what’s working and what challenges you’re encountering. Your feedback enables us to make constant improvements to the Solair program.

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Purchasing&TechnicalGuideNew technical and purchasing guides available from Trivantage are designed to give fabricators and their customers a clear view of Solair® products and how to purchase them.

Solair’s new technical guide for the Solair Pro and Comfort provides at-a-glance lists of benefits, standard features and optional features. Fabricators can use this quick-reference guide to develop talking points for customer calls or to answer questions from homeowners interested in the details.

The purchasing guide is designed as a handout for your customers to use to walk through the process of buying a Solair retractable awning system. This guide is meant to match your customers’ expectations with the various retractable awning options. From the customer’s perspective, it helps them think through where they want shade and helps you start to think through building the structure itself. In conjunction with the guide, they can use the new and improved Awning Visualizer to select fabric and better visualize how the awning will look on their home.

The purchasing guide is a great selling tool because it helps structure the conversation and keeps you consistent from one meeting to the next.

Most importantly, it helps you ask your customers four key questions:

  • How much shade do you want?
  • Where do you need shade?
  • How does the awning attach?
  • Why choose a Solair® awning?

Purchase the new guides from the Solair Shade Solutions Extranet and see how they can boost your Solair sales.

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PAD 1As an additional sales and marketing tool for awning fabricators, we now have Portable Awning Displays (PAD) available for use during home shows.

The free-standing PAD shows a Comfort awning model with Westfield Mushroom 4817 fabric, and when fully extended the display spans 5 feet by 3 feet. The unit functions just like a regular awning, so you can show potential customers exactly how a retractable awning works. There’s simply nothing like standing under the awning to give homeowners the experience of how a retractable awning creates an outdoor room for them to enjoy.

PAD 2The PAD comes in a travel case and is designed for easy portability. There are five units available (for free); contact your sales representative to reserve one for an upcoming show. You can also purchase a PAD; your representative will have pricing information as well.

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SomfyAppWhen you talk to customers about RTS-controlled shade solutions, tell them about Somfy’s new mobile app, myLink. The app allows the homeowner to easily operate RTS-controlled products, such as awnings, door blinds, roller shades, draperies and patio screens remotely via their smart phone.

The myLink app works with shade solutions installed with the myLink Wifi to Radio Technology interface available from Trivantage.

There are even “scenes” to choose from that allow for automatic programing. For example, Good Morning to open shades and Movie Night to close shades can be scheduled to happen at specific times each day.

The myLink app is currently available from Somfy® for iPhone and Android, however, there may be some delivery delays. Note: the consumer must have a wireless internet access at the awning location for the app to work.

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We’re excited to introduce two new products that increase the versatility of Solair® shade products.

  • Beam brackets – Beam brackets are utilized for soffit type installations of retractable awnings where only angled roof rafters are available for mounting. Available for Solair Pro and Comfort awnings. When ordering the Comfort Beam Bracket, please note that it requires an additional soffit bracket and mounting bolts sold separately.
  • Cable lock gudgeon for Vertical cable guided system – Designed to reduce vertical curtain hem bar movement in windy situations, the lock will be standard in all vertical curtain kits. For those customers who prefer a free curtain, simply remove the lock nut.
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