Sample cards are available for Trivantage Polyfab Shade Sail Edge Webbing (No. 998996), Trivantage Weathertyte Plus/Weathertyte Plus Lite (No. 998997) and Natura (No. 998858). For more information on these or other sample cards, contact your Trivantage representative today.


Adhesives are essential in many different types of applications. Trivantage makes it easy to find what you need fast by offering a wide variety of adhesives.

The popular HH-66 is a fast-drying adhesive used to bond vinyl to itself or other material. The adhesive is known for making stitched seams waterproof with its strong, flexible construction.

Trivantage offers Tear-Aid that is resistant to abrasion, punctures and tears. The tough adhesive can hold air and water and won’t get sticky in extreme heat. Tear-Aid won’t pull off when stretched, conforms to irregular surfaces and cuts easily with scissors.

If neither of these options is best for your bonding needs, Trivantage offers a medium-level adhesive, HAR Adhesives, to join or repair supported and unsupported vinyl fabric. HAR products will bond to itself or to various porous and non-porous materials. These adhesives are best for water repellency.

Additionally, fabricators can choose from multiple seam sealers to prevent leaks on cotton, cotton blends, polyester and synthetic woven fabrics. Learn more about all the adhesives Trivantage carries by contacting customer service or browsing the online selection at

Trivantage is proud to offer the new Boat Aero Sew-In Vent with Screen (No. 277663). It works great on sailboat covers, aft covers and cockpit covers. Designed to prevent mold and mildew, the vent also comes with a screen to keep out bugs and rodents.

For more information, contact Trivantage customer service or visit

Kimberly-Clark is a longstanding partner with Trivantage, providing a selection of Block-It* protective fabrics for durable covers that shield your customers’ valuables from all weather conditions.

Customers can choose from Noah* Fabric, Evolution* Fabric and Matrix* Fabric. All fabrics are made in the U.S. for performance that users can trust.

The Noah* Fabric is the line’s most water-resistant, all-weather fabric. It uses a special stretch-film technology that prevents water vapor from entering the cover while still allowing moisture and heat to escape.

The Evolution* Fabric is a durable indoor and outdoor fabric, offering top-of-the-line UV protection to block the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your customers’ boats, furniture and cars.

The Matrix* Fabric offers general protection for everyday use. The fabric cover is waterproof and protects against UV rays and mildew.


Watch Trivantage Account Representative Keith Purves demonstrate how to use the Quick-Fit Fastener Tool Kit. Designed by fabricators to help ease placement and location of snaps when fabricating and fitting canvas, the Quick-Fit Fastener Tool Kit pulls fabric tight so that snap locations can be marked, and then the fabric can easily be removed. For more information, contact customer service or visit


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