Bending aluminum or stainless steel marine tubing is easy with the Bendarc and Crownarc Benders. Bring precision and professionalism to your marine canvas shop for years to come with these long-lasting shop tools.

Whether you mount Bendarc on a wall or bench, it’s easy to form strong bends with smooth, rounded corners. With the assistance of a long handle for leverage and added body weight, the Bendarc curves a 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-inch radius on either 7/8-, 1- or 1-1/4-inch OD aluminum or stainless steel marine tubing. If a smaller inch radius needs to be enlarged, interchangeable forming blocks, clamp blocks and rollers can help.

With an adjustable radius from 30 inches to infinity, Crownarc rounds 7/8-inch, 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch outside diameter marine tubing using the same dies. Crownarc has a fully adjustable center roller and a Z-wheel drive system for easier control. Both lower wheels turn with Crownarc’s gear drive, bending more crown with each pass. For fabricators’ convenience, this tool can be mounted on a table, wall, or the side or rear of a truck.

As two of the most widely used tools for fabricating canvas enclosures for boats, Trivantage® offers the Bendarc and Crownarc bending tools to provide you with ease of use and accuracy. Learn more about these long-lasting tools and place your order, which can be drop shipped, today.

Trivantage makes it even easier for fabricators to offer a wide variety of colors and styles to their patio furniture customers with the addition of 27 patterns to the Phifertex Decorative line. Ideal for patio furniture upholstery and sling seating applications, Phifertex is a versatile fabric for outdoor spaces that brings durability and style to your projects.

Phifertex Wicker Weave mimics cane wicker and creates a natural look that complements wood and rattan.

The new Phifertex Jacquard styles offer intricate weaves that help tell a story. For example, the Cleo Harbor pattern showcases tropical leaves, while Fusion plays with texture and color variation.

Built for cushion and sling furniture applications, Phifertex PVC/Olefin Blend is softer than woven vinyl-only products because it combines soft olefin yarns with durable vinyl-coated polyester yarns.

For applications that require extra dimensional stability, Phifertex Stripes and Solids are made of Phifertex Plus. This durable, stain- and fade-resistant material is perfect for outdoor seating.

With the addition of these Phifertex patterns, we enable you to offer a wider variety of choices to your customers. Call customer service or visit us online to find everything you need from Phifertex.

Looking for durable and stylish commercial awning or canopy fabric? Patented Herculite® Natura® is perfect for covering outdoor seating areas at restaurants, resorts or retail locations. The revolutionary high-performance vinyl fabric features a soft hand and the unique look and feel of woven canvas on both sides.

By eliminating gloss-up with high-temperature welding, Natura has a new and improved top surface to reduce crazing during fabrication. With this improved surface, Natura now has a softer hand, commercially identical reverse of fabric and tightened weight spec. for ease of installation.

Natura shade fabric can benefit customers in many ways. The awning presents a natural fabric design element, while protecting furnishings and people from harmful UV rays. Customers won’t have to worry about stretching or warping because Natura stays tight on the frame. Offered in a variety of styles, Natura is weathertight and completely waterproof. It’s also highly flame resistant, meeting California State Fire Marshall Title 19, NFPA-701 and ASTM E84-81-A Flame Spread Rating Class A (15).

Herculite Natura will deliver a fresh, clean look for many years. Discover how easy it is to order Herculite products, offered exclusively through Trivantage.

This year, Trivantage celebrates 10 years in business — and we have you to thank. It is because of hardworking customers like you that we can enjoy this great milestone. Thank you for your dedication to the craft and unwavering support over the last 10 years.

Would you like to offer large format embroidery, but you’re not ready to invest in an embroidery machine? Awning Works Inc. of Clearwater, Florida, may have the solution for you. Inspired by the benefits of Sunbrella embroidery thread for customizing large designs, the Florida company is now offering to partner with other fabricators to provide large format embroidery for everything from awnings and banners to boat seats and sporting chairs. With Sunbrella embroidery thread, there is no need to worry about fading, and the product will be easy to clean.

Awning Works provides full-service embroidery, including digitizing. If you are looking for a resource for large format marine or shade embroidery, visit, call 1-866-873-2941 or talk to your Trivantage® sales representative.

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