threadFor outdoor projects, whether it’s marine, shade or patio, durability is essential.

That’s why Sunbrella® Embroidery Thread is the right product for creating personalized products that have to stand up to UV rays.

Just like Sunbrella fabric, it is bleach cleanable, UV resistant and won’t fade. It’s the only embroidery thread on the market that comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

For boat owners who want to make their boats their own, Sunbrella Embroidery Thread is ideal for embroidering the boat’s name on seat back cushions or adding nautical designs to pillows, rugs or even a Bimini.

Restaurant patio seating could easily benefit from Sunbrella Embroidery Thread to create branded umbrellas or seat cushions. And at home, it can be used for fun and unique message pillows that accent the backyard patio lounge area.

Embroidery is part of the rising trend of personalization in which consumers seek products customized to their specific lifestyle. For shops without an embroidery machine, an online search for embroidery shops in your area will likely reveal ample resources for partnering on embroidery projects.

Sunbrella Embroidery Thread comes in 16 colors and as well as two bobbin colors (see below).


The thread is thicker than many typical embroidery threads, so it takes fewer stiches to cover the same amount of space. Perfect for larger designs, with a proper setup yield should increase 30 percent.

We’re helping you get the job done with products like Sunbrella Embroidery Thread, so you can meet your customers’ expectations every time.

Nothing feels better than having a customer totally satisfied with the job you’ve done. We’re here to provide the products and expertise you need to deliver work that puts a smile on each and every customer’s face.

That means fair prices on the products you need. Find special pricing information in this issue of Market Corner for Herculite® EXCEL M Series shade fabrics, which are top performers for a variety of architectural shade solutions.

You’ll also learn more about Sunbrella® Embroidery Thread, the right product for personalizing a variety of outdoor creations from throw pillows and boat cushions to beach totes and shade umbrellas.

We’re also offering two new cleaning products – APCO vinyl cleaner and protectant and Polyfab shade sail cleaner – the right products for keeping your shade projects clean and protected from environmental contaminants.

Finally, we’re making it easy for you to find technical product information on our attachments tab found on each product detail page on Read about how to access these documents and download or print them for use with customers.

As our sweltering summer edges into August, remember that Trivantage has your back with the expertise and products you need, so you can get ordering off your plate.

Back in May, we introduced you to the new Herculite® EXCEL M Series™ awning fabric. We’re very excited about this product offering, and wanted to provide you with a refresher of all it has to offer.

A PVC composite, EXCEL M delivers exceptional tear and tensile strength blended with flexibility and softness. It’s the performance your customers expect at a price they will appreciate.

Protected by a RainKleen® Flouropolymer coating, the EXCEL M Series comes with an elegant Pearl-Luster finish for superior abrasion and scratch resistance. Plus, it looks sharp, and whether it’s on tension structures, hotel awnings or restaurant enclosures it’s sure to showcase the craftsmanship that went into the project.

And its performance makes it the right product for the job:

  • 100 Percent Waterproof – Helps protect people and furnishings
  • Heat and RF Weldable – Simplifies fabrication
  • Fire Resistant – Provides peace-of-mind by meeting or exceeding the flame retardant standards of California State Fire Marshal Title 19, NFPA 701 (TM2) and ASTM E-84
  • 8-Year Warranty – Provides a good investment for your customers
  • Graphics Receptivity – This fabric can be hand painted with vinyl compatible inks, accepts pressure sensitive graphics and is digitally printable with solvent and eco-solvent inks.

EXCEL M Series fabrics are 18 ounces per square yard and are available in 14 colors in a 62-inch width. Check them out today for special pricing available for a limited time.

Let’s face it: Social media has become an essential tool for maintaining your business and strengthening customer relationships. But we also know it can be very overwhelming. You may have thoughts, such as: I know about Facebook and Twitter, but do I need a Pinterest page? What about an Instagram account? Are my customers even on Twitter? How much time is this going to take and how will I measure success?

These are all great questions, so here some tips to help you approach your social media outreach strategically.

  • Be where your customers are – but also where it makes sense. One of the best things about social media is that you don’t have to be on every platform all the time. You need to pick what feels right for your business. Facebook is usually a given, but if you find that your customers are on Houzz a lot, then maybe creating a page on that site isn’t a bad idea. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers where they look for information regarding projects and/or products – it can really help inform your decision of where to be active online.
  • Content, content, content. Once you’re on any of these platforms, you need to be continuously updating your pages with new information, such as industry trends, photos of recent projects, customer testimonials and giveaways. The possibilities are endless; just make sure your content is relevant and relatable to your customers. Show them your boat enclosures and below deck upholstery work, if you’re a marine fabricator. Let them see your best awnings and shade structures, if shade is your market. Content really doubles as a portfolio of your work, so go ahead and show off your craftsmanship and technical expertise.
  • If one of your customers asks you a question, be sure to provide a prompt response. Social media has become an exceptional platform for customer service inquiries, but immediate response is key. Try initiating conversations with your customers to show your expertise. For example, post a photo of a recent project with a description of the challenge and the solution you provided. As part of the post, ask your followers what they like most about the project. Asking questions opens up a dialogue with your customers and helps them feel more connected to you and your business.

Meeting your customers where they’re already interacting will save you (and them) time, and these tips are just the beginning. There’s a wealth of information and resources online that can help you round out your strategy, so keep an eye out for the latest insights.

New this month are two cleaning products: APCO vinyl cleaner and protectant and Polyfab shade sail cleaner.

APCO Vinyl protectant APCO Fabclean green Polyfab cleanerThe APCO offering includes five products in various sizes and concentrations. The APCO VinylClean Plus™ and APCO Vinyl Protector are recommended by Serge Ferrari as a cleaner and protectant on both the Precontraint 502 and Soltis product lines. Here’s a quick run-through of the five products:

  • VinylClean Plus™: A concentrated, heavy duty vinyl cleaner and deoxidizer, this product is effective for removing most soils and chalking due to plasticizer migration.
  • Vinyl Protector: This product replenishes and maintains vitality to vinyl fabrics that have been subjected to environmental exposure and plasticizer migration; formulated to repel dirt, inhibit stains, and minimize UV damage.
  • FabClean Green™: This product is a concentrated, high-strength green cleaning solution designed for the maintenance of open weave fabrics.
  • TentClean Green™: This is a concentrated, high-strength vinyl cleaner designed to remove difficult soils from all vinyl fabrics with minimal effort.
  • Apseal™: This product provides maximum water repellency and stain protection and inhibits UV damage and mildew growth.

The Polyfab Pro Shade Sail Cleaner is concentrated, high-strength and designed to remove difficult soils from tension shade structures (e.g., hip and ridge and tension membrane shade sails made of Polyfab HDPE knitted sailcloth [or equivalent quality fabric], PVC coated or laminated fabrics). The cleaner is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no butyl and will cover approximately 600 square feet per gallon.

These cleaning products assure that you can get cleaning jobs done right, so the attention is on your craftsmanship, not dirt and stains.

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