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paratore.100556When you’ve finished a job, whether it’s a shade structure, boat cover or new cushions for patio furniture, there’s nothing like seeing a satisfied customer use your creation for the first time. You’ve fulfilled a need and your work speaks for itself.

In this edition of Market Corner, we feature a video showing how Coastal Canvas Products in Savannah, Georgia, has tapped into the growing popularity of shade sails with a profile of one of their backyard shade sail installations. The sail creates a fun accent over a swimming pool and a cool retreat for a family seeking relief from the humid Southern summers.

From fabrics and hardware to computer software and training, Trivantage offers everything you need to provide your customers with cool shade sail designs. Whether it’s for the backyard, a carport or a deck, see how these fun, colorful designs can help your business grow.

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The Bertagnollis of Savannah, Georgia, had one major challenge: they wanted to install a shade structure over their pool that didn’t interfere with the overall aesthetic of their backyard. Enter Coastal Canvas Products, a local fabricator of all things shade-related. Together, they worked to create a stunning, burnt orange shade sail that provides just the right amount of shade over the pool and complements their gorgeously designed backyard.

Watch the video to find out how the shade sail installation has made the Bertagnollis the envy of their neighbors. (They’re even considering a second shade sail for their upstairs balcony!) And learn, as Coastal Canvas Products did, that shade sails can be a profitable addition to your shade fabrication business.

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Full shade sailIt has become increasingly common to see shade sails in parks, car lots or restaurants, but they are only beginning to gain traction for use in residential spaces.

We talked to Ellen Barber, co-owner of Coastal Canvas Products, about how she and her salespeople start shade sail conversations with customers. Here are a few of her tips:

  • Put them at ease. From the sheer scale of the fabric to the intricate hardware needed, shade sails are beautiful architectural statements, but they can also seem like daunting projects. Let your customers know that they’re not as challenging as they look. With the right computer software and collaboration between you and the homeowner, you’ll be able to create what they envision in no time.
  • Focus on versatility. Not only do shade sails add a striking visual element to a homeowner’s yard, they are incredibly resilient and flexible to the elements. Remind your customers that they aren’t just pretty – they are very strategically (and scientifically) installed to ensure the most shade and wind coverage. And, during the cooler months, homeowners can easily take the shade down themselves, which is not the case with more permanent structures.
  • So many options! Some homeowners see these shade sail structures and think they’re too large for their backyards, or maybe they won’t be able to find a color they like. Not the case. Shade sails aren’t just for over pools – there are options for deck coverings and even side yard gardens. And colors? There’s something for every taste and theme.

Most importantly, take the conversation one step at a time. Listen to your customers, figure out their likes and dislikes and work hard to deliver what they’re visualizing. Soon enough you’ll have a great case study of your own to share with new customers!

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Shade Sail productsIf you have a customer asking about shade sails and you aren’t exactly sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Whether they’re considering a commercial or residential installation, Trivantage has everything you need, including fabric, hardware and computer software, to construct the perfect shade sails for your customers. Since these structures uniquely contribute to the overall ambiance of the space they’re in, we offer 11 fabric lines (see below) and a variety of color options to meet every need.

Let’s talk fabric: Trivantage’s shade sail fabrics offer a variety of benefits. From HDPE and UV-stabilized fabrics to durable knitted and waterproof options, we have something for every application. Our selection includes Polyfab Architec 400®Polytex® and Comtex®; Gale Pacific Commercial 95™ Synthesis and SaFRshade™; Serge Ferrari Soltis® 86Soltis® 92Soltis® 93 and Précontraint® 502; and BTF-19™.

In the hardware department, we offer Polyfab™ Pro Shade Sail Hardware, a premium line of marine grade stainless steel hardware designed to be used in engineered tension shade sail structures. The combination of these fabrics with the strength and durability of the Polyfab hardware ensures a beautiful, secure final product while creating a lasting statement for your customer’s home or business. The combination of these fabrics with the strength and durability of the Polyfab webbing, available in 20 colors, and hardware ensures a beautiful, secure final product while creating a lasting statement for your customer’s home or business.

Trivantage can even help your customers visualize shade sails in their backyard with the addition of the MPanel Shade Designer module to Awning Composer. Users can download the free version of MPanel Shade Designer through their online account on to seamlessly connect the two programs. The free version of MPanel Shade Designer allows users to enter site measurements, design shade sails, and export 3-D models to Awning Composer for visualization.

“If you make shade sails or have plans to expand into the shade sail market you will find these tools useful to showing your customers exactly how shade sails will enhance their home,” said Mark Stiver, Awning Composer manager for Trivantage.

MPanel Shade Designer can be purchased for additional functionality. The paid version checks your measurements for accuracy, calculates the correct shape, and then draws out the patterns for you. Users can export patterns to an automatic cutting machine or measure them out on the shop floor.

Purchase of the full functionality of MPanel Shade Design is available at

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