paratore.100556When customers contact you with a job, they’re looking for a combination of expertise and creativity to find the right solution for their needs. Likewise, you look to Trivantage for the right products and support for your business.

In this issue of Market Corner, we think you’ll enjoy a project profile about a winery pavilion enclosure created by The Dize Company of Winston-Salem. Their inventive use of pool anchors and zippered panels makes for a truly versatile enclosure that allows RayLen Vineyards & Winery to host events year-round.

Read about the products The Dize Company used to create the pavilion enclosure in this issue’s product corner article. What’s your favorite mix of products for projects like the winery pavilion enclosure? If you find yourself ordering the same products repeatedly, read about using the requisition list feature on in this issue’s tech tip article. Requisition lists will help you save time on products you order often.

Finally, we have two new sample cards available: Canopy FS 2015 and Capitano™ Marine Upholstery 2014.

As we move into the last month of summer and into a new school year, thanks for your ongoing support. When it comes to the products and expertise you need, we’ve got you covered.

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Rain or shine. Windy or calm. RayLen Vineyards & Winery rarely has to cancel events due to inclement weather, thanks to a pavilion enclosure designed, fabricated and installed by The Dize Company.

The winery, located just outside Winston-Salem in Mocksville, N.C., needed the enclosure to be versatile enough to provide protection when needed, but to fold away when blue skies and sunshine call for a true outdoor event. The Dize Company devised a system of 21 curtains made of Buff colored Patio 500 with windows of 20-gauge clear vinyl that hang from the wooden pavilion.

“If the weather’s nice, they can roll up all of the curtains so people can gather under the pavilion and still feel like they’re outside,” said Eric Brandon, a sales representative with The Dize Company.

When rolled down, the curtains zip together to prevent air leaks and anchor into the cement pad using recessed pool anchors. To comply with fire code requirements, they installed two panels that function like doors when all of the panels are rolled down. The doors also make it easy for catering carts to roll through to the food preparation area.

And clear vinyl windows maintain a view of the surrounding vineyard.

“We had done work at other wineries in the area, so we knew how important having a view was,” Brandon said. “Guests like to see the vineyard because it really establishes the feel for the event.”

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Now that you’ve been given an in-depth look at RayLen’s pavilion, learn about the pieces and parts that created such a versatile structure – all available through Trivantage.

First up, Patio 500®. With exceptional resistance to mildew and UV rays, this waterproof fabric is the perfect choice for awnings, canopies and commercial installations in sunny, high humidity areas. Made with wick and craze resistant polyester weft-inserted warp knit scrim, Patio 500 has a matte, linen-like finish that combines long-lasting good looks with exceptional dimensional stability and superior strength. It accepts graphics including heat-sealed and inset fabrics, silk screening, hand painting, appliqué and more. The underside of the fabric is the same color unless otherwise noted as duplex (different colors for the top and bottom). With 34 different color and texture varieties, you’re sure to find the best fit for your project.

For the windows of this type of enclosure, you’ll want to use clear vinyl. Trivantage offers a variety of convenient clear vinyl rolls in a variety of weights, as well as some flame resistant options.

For optimal visual clarity, good stability and very good UV resistance look to polished vinyl sheets, including O’Sea™ and Strataglass, which offer scratch resistant coating, or Crystal Clear 20/20 and Regalite, which are premium polished sheets.

Depending on your project and the surrounding environment, we have zippers that work in every possible scenario. From YKK® Aquaguard® zippers that shed water to corrosion resistant YKK® Vislon® zippers, our product offerings run the gamut. For even more variety, we also offer zippers in a variety of colors, including black, gray, onion, light beige, natural and white.

When it comes down to pool anchor hardware, Trivantage’s No. 50 deluxe brass anchor is your best bet. It remains flush with the pool deck when not in use, and is highly corrosion resistant. It also allows the cover to be easily and securely installed by unscrewing the bolt to receive “S” hooks on a rubber tie, a rubber tie hole, or the rounded ring end of the stainless steel spring. There are no threads to strip at the top of the bolt. Even further, it’s best paired with Spring – Pool Cover made of Type 304 stainless steel.

We know these projects can feel like huge undertakings, but we’re here to help take the worry out of your work. With a variety of offerings to suit your customers’ needs, you can build a final product of which you can be proud.

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The requisition list tool is great for products that you order often and you can create a list by project or product type for quick ordering.

Create a requisition list by clicking the Requisition List link at the top of any page on the website, then click the Add New button.

ReqList1 ReqList2


Type a Name for your list and then select the Type. By default, lists are private meaning they can only be accessed under your user ID. If you have more than one co-worker accessing your account (more than one user ID), you may want to consider creating “shared” lists. “Shared” lists can be accessed between multiple co-workers.


Once your list is created, add items to it by entering an Item Number and Quantity immediately after creating the list or by clicking the Add to New Requisition List or Add to Existing Requisition List links from a product detail page.


After you’ve added items to your requisition list, simply click on the list and check the boxes of the products you want to add to your shopping cart. You may change the quantity of each item after it’s in your shopping cart.


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capitanoHere are the latest sampling materials available from Trivantage. To order cards, please call Trivantage customer service, 800-786-1876.

Canopy® FS 2015 – This 16-ounce back-lit fabric features Fluoro-Shield®, a highly advanced PVDF top coat. Fluoro-Shield is specially designed to extend the life of the fabric and offer superior protection from the elements. Cleaning and graphics applications are easy due to Canopy FS’s ultra smooth finish and PVDF top coat. Offers excellent stability, strength and resistance to mold, mildew and wicking. Item No. 999619.

Capitano™ Marine Upholstery 2014 – Capitano is formulated with quality pigments and additives to resist fading, bacteria and mildew growth. The colors selected for Capitano coordinate with all of today’s interior carpeting, exterior gel systems, graphics and interior trim components. The sturdy, expanded construction utilizes a heavy-duty, 100% polyester filament backing that has superior strength and great stretch and set qualities. It is perfect for today’s seat designs, which involve tailoring around tight corners. It has a durable skin layer, which is resistant to picking and abrasion and cleans easily. Item No. 999649.

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