You may have noticed a new addition to video tutorials. These videos guide you through our site’s features in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly manner. Here, we’ll take a look at the product comparison video located at the bottom of the page.

This video is a guide to using the Compare tool on The tool allows you to look at more than one product at a time and compare their features/benefits, rather than having to click back and forth between tabs or screens. As you can imagine, this feature will save you valuable time as you choose which products work best for your project. And, from the Compare screen, you can easily add the products you prefer directly to your shopping cart.

Simplified shopping and product selection are what is all about. Which website features would you like to learn more about on the tutorials page? Tell us in the comments below.

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BretKelley_2You rely on Trivantage to be your one-stop shop that provides the right products at fair prices delivered on time. Staying on top of the latest market trends allows us to provide you with expert advice and provide everything you need to meet your customers’ needs.

That’s why our product team took time in February to spend a few days at R+T Stuttgart, a global meeting of manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, construction firms, as well as architects and designers. The team learned about the latest in home products such as roller shutters, sun protection systems, blinds, gates, security sensors, grills and awnings. The meeting was an opportunity to scope out the latest innovations and trends, so we can provide the newest products and industry knowledge to you.

As an avid runner, I’m used to logging the miles, but as a newcomer to R+T Stuttgart, walking eight miles on the show floor in a single day came as a welcome surprise. The depth and breadth of product innovation and expertise is what draws Trivantage to this show.

The biggest takeaway from the show is that comfort, design and style are driving the shade industry in Europe. Products that meet these criteria will sell because they provide functionality and aesthetic value to your customers, whether they are homeowners, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers or resorts.

As this long, tough winter turns to spring, we have some special offers for you. In this issue, read about the 10 percent discount on O’Sea® and Regalite® press polished clear vinyl sheeting and find out more about our specials on retractable awning kits.

Stay in touch with us by logging into your account and signing up for Trivantage emails. Available exclusively to customers, it includes monthly updates on promotions, discounts and new product announcements.

For customers in Ohio, western New York and Pennsylvania and eastern Michigan, be sure to read about the relocation of the Cleveland branch in late March.

We’re sure that everyone – especially those of you in the Northeast – are happy to see spring just around the corner. Here’s to our partnership and a busy season ahead!

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FabricO'SullivanYour choice of clear vinyl just got clearer: O’Sea and Regalite press polished clear vinyl sheets by O’Sullivan® Films come with a 10 percent discount through March 28.

Whether you’re creating windows in a marine enclosure or restaurant patio enclosure, optical clarity and durability are key features in the clear vinyl you select. O’Sea® and Regalite® are optically clear and highly durable press polished clear vinyl sheets that are resistant to UV rays from the sun, jet fuel and bug spray.

O’Sea press polished clear vinyl sheeting has scratch resistant coating on both sides, making it easy to clean with just a microfiber cloth and water, and it will remain optically clear with no distortion for many years. O’Sea is available in clear, smoke or green in 54-inch by 110-inch sheets. Choose from .030 gauge or .040 gauge.

Regalite press polished clear vinyl sheeting does not include scratch resistant coating. It is also available in .030 and .040 gauges in 54-inch by 110-inch sheets in clear, smoke and green.

Give your customers clear views that cost less. What more could you want?

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Homepage[1]Homeowners with overly sunny outdoor spaces will find shade solutions to meet any need at the newly redesigned Solair website.

The site’s new, simplified navigation and mobile-friendly design provides shade design ideas based on the homeowner’s needs. For example, those looking to make a design statement with flexibility should consider retractable awnings. Those who need bug control on their covered patio may consider Power Screens.

Visitors can also use the Awning Visualizer, which allows them to upload a photo of their home and digitally place a retractable awning on it. The user can then select from the latest Sunbrella Shade Fabrics to see how it looks on their home.

“Fabric selection is often the most difficult part of an awning purchase because it needs to complement the home’s exterior features,” said David Heiman, Solair Commercial Sales Manager. “The Awning Visualizer is like trying on clothes for the home; seeing the different fabrics in place gives homeowners a sense of comfort that an awning will truly complete their backyard.”

The new site also features all Solair products such as retractable awnings, power screens and vertical curtains.


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The following sampling materials will be available in March.

Phifertex/ Phifertex Plus 2015 Sample CardPhifertex® slingable fabrics are ideal for outdoor and office furniture, orthopedic equipment, upholstery, safety vests, and unique heat-filtering awning. Phifertex® Plus offers greater strength and dimensional stability for applications that receive heavy use. Item No. 999542.

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