Icon-Collection-blogWe’ll have quite a variety of fabric collections to see and feel at Expo – it’s definitely a must-see part of our booth (No. 1418).

Launched earlier this year, the Sunbrella® Icon Collectionfeatures patterns inspired by Sunbrella designs from the 1960s and 1970s. The collection includes three striped patterns that incorporate varying combinations of blues, browns, oranges and yellows, inspired by the inaugural Sunbrella collection from 1961. The remaining part of this collection is just what you’d expect from something inspired by the 1970s: stripes and solids in bold and vibrant colors.

Our Phifertex® offerings are expansive and diverse. From Jacquards and Stripes to Novelty, Wicker (Cane and Waffle) and Olefin/PVC blend, Phifertex comes in a variety of styles suitable for outdoor and indoor in sling and cushion furniture applications. This fabric combines the durability of vinyl-coated polyester yarns with the softness of acrylic yarns and includes Microban® protection against stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, and GREENGUARD® certification for low chemical emissions. And the colors! With seven total lines, your options are almost endless, especially with 25 colors and patterns added to the 2014-2015 product line.

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Kretzer 73725 TV Item 266232If you’re looking for products to save you time and increase the versatility of your awning designs, join us at the show to learn more about these three new products: Kretzer shears, Black SGS Film and new colors in the Patio 500 and Coastline Plus fabric lines.

Trivantage introduced Kretzer shears earlier this year. The German manufacturer is renowned for crafting shears of superior quality and durability. Kretzer shears are available in 8-inch pinking shears and 10-inch shop shears. We also have trim shears in three sizes: 8, 10 and 12 inches.

Black SGS Thermal Lettering Film represents time-savings for jobs where you need simple black lettering. The film has an adhesive layer on its face side, which means lettering should be reverse plotted, weeded and then applied to the fabric like standard SGS Film.

The film is part of the IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo annual ShowStoppers competition that highlights the best products in the industry. Be sure to visit the ShowStoppers display on the Expo floor on Oct. 14 to vote for your favorite products.

Due to high customer demand, we have re-introduced four Coastline Plus and Patio 500 awning fabric styles. See the returning colors in our booth (No. 1418), including: Weblon Orange; Coastline Plus Shell Pink and Traditional Stripes Brite Red/White; Patio 500 Emerald/Eggshell (Duplex) and Cobalt/Eggshell (Duplex). The new Patio 500 style is English Brown/Eggshell (Duplex).

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Trivantage has expanded its Sunbrella product line with the addition of the new Sunbrella® Embroidery Thread, making it easier than ever for you to create durable, stylish designs for your customers. See the thread and examples of the embroidery it creates in the Trivantage booth (No. 1418) at Expo.

Embroidery is part of the rising trend of personalization in which consumers seek products customized to their specific lifestyle and personality. Whether it’s a monogrammed tote bag, conversational pillows, marine cushions, boat cover logos, decorative flags, sporting goods or equipment covers, Sunbrella Embroidery Thread provides a long-lasting customization solution for a variety of markets.

Sunbrella Embroidery Thread has all the features and benefits of Sunbrella fabric: It is durable, bleach cleanable, UV resistant and won’t fade. And it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

The thread comes in 16 colors: Antique Beige, Taupe, Pigmented White, Vellum, Peridot, Forest Green, Palm, Captain Navy, Rust, Jockey Red, Tucsan Orange, Gold, Bay Brown, Charcoal, Black and Cadet Grey.  Two bobbin colors are available: Pigmented White and Black. Bobbin thread must be used for the warranty to be valid.

Sunbrella Embroidery Thread is thicker than many typical embroidery threads, so it takes fewer stitches to cover the same amount of space. Ideal for larger designs, with a proper setup yield should increase 30 percent. For best results follow these guidelines:

  • The recommended needle for Sunbrella Embroidery Thread is 90/14.
  • Make sure the hook settings are correct for the needle size.
  • Ensure that the embroidery design is properly digitized and configured for Sunbrella Embroidery Thread.
  • Adjust tension settings for the thread in order to achieve the desired stitch.
  • Use Sunbrella Bobbin Thread to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Sunbrella Embroidery Thread is not recommended for small lettering where stitches may be laid over each other.

The thread is sold in king spools. Bobbins, which are sold separately, come 100 per box. Sunbrella® Embroidery Thread sample cards feature wrap thread samples, as well as an embroidered patch to show the coverage the thread provides. Sample cards are available.

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paratore.100556We look forward to reconnecting with you at IFAI Expo in Minneapolis to rekindle old friendships, learn more about your businesses and plan for the future.

We have a lot to share with you at the show. Our Awning Composer team will demonstrate the newest feature of the software, dynamic frame generation, which automatically adjusts rafter and support beam spacing when you change the size of an awning frame.

The eCommerce team will offer training on requisition lists and our new online chat function. If you haven’t signed up for an online account, be sure to do so in our booth. All booth sign-ups will be entered to win a Dell Visio Tablet during daily drawings.

Read this issue of Market Corner to learn about the products of focus in our Expo booth (No. 1418). Come by to learn about the new Sunbrella® Embroidery Thread as a durable option for personalization of outdoor spaces. Find out about our latest fabric offerings for the awning, marine and upholstery markets, including new products and returning colors.

Find these products on Trivantage.com or in our new printed catalog, which is due to arrive at your business in early October. The bi-annual catalog features more than 8,000 products in 344 pages with more photography, easier to read charts and updated descriptions. It’s organized to match up with the sections on the website: fabric, shade solutions, clean/protect/adhere, hardware, and trim and cord.

Whether you order online or on the phone, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re attending the show, visit our booth to share your ideas, insights and input with us. Your feedback is essential to improving our services and products.

Let’s get together to celebrate another successful season!

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Awning ComposerCome by our booth (No. 1418) for hands-on demonstrations of the new dynamic frame generation feature of Awning Composer. While the straight awning styles are already live, at Expo we’ll show you dynamic frame generation on curved awnings, including bullnose and convex styles, to make this new, time-saving feature even more versatile.

The new dynamic frame generation feature allows users to easily make adjustments to rafter and support bar spacing on fixed awning frames. Changes instantly occur on screen as the user adjusts the width, height and depth of the awning frame.

With the click of a button, users can add corners or wraparounds for traditional, open traditional, and gable marquee awning styles. Users can also show measurements of various components on the awning, view the awning and its dimensions from multiple angles, and save or print the results.

Future updates for dynamic versions of stationary awnings will include support for a parts list with calculated lengths and miter angles.

“We’ve added new tools that bring awning designs to life with dynamic renderings of frame construction and fabric, as well as the ability to show customers how the awning will look once installed,” said Mark Stiver, Awning Composer manager for Trivantage. “With user-friendly controls, fabricators can easily show their customers all of the options for adding an awning to their commercial space or home.”

Other dynamic objects already included in Awning Composer include retractable awnings, vertical curtains, retractable roofs, and umbrellas to assist fabricators in marketing these shade solutions to customers. With these objects, users can move a slider bar to show customers how each object opens and closes and its shade footprint.

Awning Composer is $149.99, which includes most future software updates.

“With each new version of Awning Composer we’re working to provide support during awning fabrication, marketing and sales,” Stiver said. “Join us at Expo to share your ideas for future features and improvements.”

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